Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MAZEL TOV, Puri Indah Mall

Here comes the new wine lounge located in West Jakarta, to be exact it is located in Puri Indah Mall Expansion, the new building in Puri Indah Mall. I'm so happy that the whole building is occupied with cafes and restaurants. Anyway, this time I've visited Mazel Tov, I'm so in love with the place, so cozy and elegant.

For alcohol drinks, other than wines they also provide wide selections of cocktails, liquor and beers. But this time, I'm not in the mood of having alcohol drinks so I decided to try their food instead! :)

Here is the first dish I've ordered:

Meat Over Fries
I ordered Meat Over Fries  for appetizer, I love it as it is topped with melted cheese and minced meat. For me, it is so addictive, I couldn't stop munching it. As for the meat, it is more like bolognaise meat sauce.

Second dish:
Pork Shank
This pork shank is a new menu in Mazel Tov, so I was curious to try it. And... this was the BOMB!! Sinfully yummy!! the skin was soooo crispy and the meat is so tender and tasty. It was perfectly cooked.. and another good thing was they served it with mango salad which gives you a fresh taste and I really love the dip sauce, it was sour and savoury. Worth to try!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Grandma's Suki, PIK

It was on Saturday's night in PIK area, was there looking for some good food for dinner. As we all know, there are just too many choices to dine in PIK. Confused and hungry, then we spotted Grandma's Suki, so my fam and I were decided to eat there. We reached there around 7pm, it was packed. Luckily, we got an empty table after waiting only for 5 minutes.. Yeay!

There are several selections of soup, such as, chicken soup, shark bone soup, Grandma's soup and tom yum soup. We could choose 2 types of soups, and we chose Grandma's soup (its specialty) and chicken soup. And as for the food, we ordered:
The food!
As you can see, we ordered beef, wonton, hipio, mushroom with fillings, fish glue, beef balls and vegie set. 
The soup!

Seasons Cafe at Four Seasons Hotel

Heyho.. I know it's been a while since my last post.. well, not a while maybe but for quite a long time.. hehehe been quite busy working on my 'project' (gonna tell you guys later when everything is done ^^) so most of the time now I just posted what I ate in my instagram (@naomiellenw), much simpler hehehe..

Anyway, let's start with my review about the food I ate in Seasons' Cafe which located in the lobby of Four Seasons hotel in Jakarta. At first, my sister and I were not sure to dine here as at that time the cafe was empty, no one was there. But as we were so hungry so we decided to enter and order some food, we chose to sit outside, overlooking the pool. It was so cozy there. Anyway, here are the food we ordered:

Fettucini with Pan Seared Salmon

That was mine, I was craving for pasta that day, so I ordered Fettucini with Pan Seared Salmon. The pasta itself was served in cheese and cream sauce with grated cheese and Salmon chunks. I'm definitely in love with this dish! the sauce wasn't too creamy and the fettucini was al dente and they gave generous amount of salmon.. and of course the best part was the pan seared Salmon, the skin was so crispy. Everything was so perfect, I must say this is a delish dish. :)

Chicken Satay

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Zushibento, Perth

It was on Tuesday, that my cousin and a friend of us decided to have window shopping in Garden City while waiting for Mr D to go back from work. Around 12 pm, we arrived in Garden City, it was quite packed as that day was the first day of school holiday. There were many parents wandered around with their children around the shopping center, while the three of us were looking for food for lunch since we hadn't had breakfast yet. Came to a conclusion that we'd like to eat Zushi Bento, it's a Japanese fast food. There were lots of assorted sushi, bento and udon. For me I ordered... 
Chicken Udon Soup
Yup.. another noodle soup for me as it was very cold in Perth so I had always been craving for a bowl of hot soup. haha. This Chicken Udon Soup tasted great... I think overall taste was more to sweet flavour and I like the fact that the udon was not too soft, it was chewy. As for the chicken, it was fried and the meat was tender and tasty. While my cousin, Miss S, ordered:
Assorted Sushi

Sunday Everyday, Perth

It was a Monday morning, this time I went out with the girls as Mr D had to go back to work again, after a week off hahaha.. Well, the girls and I were having women fellowship and after that we were having lunch in Sunday Everyday, it is a small place which offering Japanese food with a very affordable price, especially with its portion! Their Chicken Karagee is the best seller menu among others, so I ordered one..
Look at that! The portion was real huge that I shared it with my cousin and it costs only $9.50 (which considered very affordable in Perth). It was served with Teriyaki Sauce and mayonnaise which tasted great and I added chilli powder on it. The Chicken Karagee were huge, each of them was almost like the size of a tennis ball, I guess. haha. Oh! we also got free hot tea over there. So I'd say.. if you are looking for a tasty and filling food with cheap price, you must visit Sunday Everyday. Very much like it! :)

Big Bowl, Perth

Well, I still got quite a number of food reviews while I was in Perth.. I guess I need to rush to post it all.. hahaha it was time for dinner and it was freezing outside, I was thinking of having a bowl of hot soup for dinner. Then, Mr D came out with the idea of having Pho (Vietnamese Noodle soup) but too bad when we reached the place, it was closed! So, Mr D suggested me to try Big Bowl instead (just opposite ToTo - the Vietnamese Noodle Bar-). Big Bowl is more to Taiwanese restaurant which serving noodles, kwetiau and rice. They got an unusual noodle which made from oat and they have thin and thick noodles. All of the noodles here are homemade, "it was light and healthy", Mr D said. As we scanned through the menu, we ordered...
Beef Noodle Soup
This Beef Noodle Soup came in a big portion, but for me, I just love the beef, it was tender and fragrant. While the taste of the soup, almost tasteless or too soft I would say.. I need to put soy sauce, chilli and pepper and too bad the noodle was also too soft for me. Overall, I just love the beef :)
Chicken Mushroom Baked Noodle

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Left Bank, Perth

On the next day, we were having breakfast on the other side of Fremantle, it is located on the banks of the beautiful Swan River. The place is called The Left Bank, it's a bar, cafe and restaurant positioned on the shores of the river. This place is one of Mr D's favourite place to have breakkie, he loves the atmospheres and the food there and apparently, it becomes OUR favourite place to dine :)  
Big Breakfast!
Yes! It really was a BIG breakfast, please just forget about calories and just simply enjoy it! hahaha I love their big breakfast, especially the toasts and the bacons.The toasts were crispy yet chewy as well, it became heavenly yummy when you spread it with the butter. As for the bacon, I love it because the fats were thin and it was dried (not oily), it was tasty. Honestly, I love having breakfast here, not only they have a great place but also they got great food too!