Sunday, March 17, 2013

Grandma's Suki, PIK

It was on Saturday's night in PIK area, was there looking for some good food for dinner. As we all know, there are just too many choices to dine in PIK. Confused and hungry, then we spotted Grandma's Suki, so my fam and I were decided to eat there. We reached there around 7pm, it was packed. Luckily, we got an empty table after waiting only for 5 minutes.. Yeay!

There are several selections of soup, such as, chicken soup, shark bone soup, Grandma's soup and tom yum soup. We could choose 2 types of soups, and we chose Grandma's soup (its specialty) and chicken soup. And as for the food, we ordered:
The food!
As you can see, we ordered beef, wonton, hipio, mushroom with fillings, fish glue, beef balls and vegie set. 
The soup!

Seasons Cafe at Four Seasons Hotel

Heyho.. I know it's been a while since my last post.. well, not a while maybe but for quite a long time.. hehehe been quite busy working on my 'project' (gonna tell you guys later when everything is done ^^) so most of the time now I just posted what I ate in my instagram (@naomiellenw), much simpler hehehe..

Anyway, let's start with my review about the food I ate in Seasons' Cafe which located in the lobby of Four Seasons hotel in Jakarta. At first, my sister and I were not sure to dine here as at that time the cafe was empty, no one was there. But as we were so hungry so we decided to enter and order some food, we chose to sit outside, overlooking the pool. It was so cozy there. Anyway, here are the food we ordered:

Fettucini with Pan Seared Salmon

That was mine, I was craving for pasta that day, so I ordered Fettucini with Pan Seared Salmon. The pasta itself was served in cheese and cream sauce with grated cheese and Salmon chunks. I'm definitely in love with this dish! the sauce wasn't too creamy and the fettucini was al dente and they gave generous amount of salmon.. and of course the best part was the pan seared Salmon, the skin was so crispy. Everything was so perfect, I must say this is a delish dish. :)

Chicken Satay