Friday, December 23, 2011

Soto Tangkar PPC, Pluit

It's time for soto tangkar... this is not like any other soto tangkar, you can replace the meat with the beef satay  to be served on your soto tangkar. This is extremely yummy and you really have to try it if you're in Pluit area. But, you have to come early as by 1pm there would be nothing left there. So, the early bird catches the worm...!! hahaha

As you can see from the pic, it is really tempting... just simply add chilly into it and you can enjoy the best soto tangkar in town.. :p

Soto tangkar PPC is quite famous actually... but you'll never expect that the place is located only in a basketball court with just a 'gerobak' and  2 wooden tables and chairs. If it's too crowd then you'll have to find a seat along the basketball court. 

Address:     Komplek Pluit Putri Center
              (Lap.basket, pas masuk komplek langsung bs kliatan lap basketnya)
              Jl. Pluit Raya, Jakarta
Price: 15K-25K

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Akane: Tokyo Cuisine

This was my second time to dine here in Akane: Tokyo Cuisine and it is located in Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ground Floor, just right beside the entrance of the main lobby.
The first time I ate here was with my bosses during our lunch time. As I went there with my bosses so I couldn't take pics of the food 'till yesterday then I could take the pics :p
I ordered a menu set on my first visit..which includes a bowl of rice, soup and 3 main dishes. This menu set is unique because there are more than 5 variants of rice we can choose from.. (from ordinary rice till several types of fried rice), as for the soup there are several variants as well and it goes to the main dishes too.. for the main dishes there are almost 20 or more variants. At first I this menu set must be a lot, I wonder whether I could finish it up.. But the fact is that the 3 main dishes were served in quite considerable small portions. My main dishes were Grilled Mackerel, Beef Steak & Beansprout with beef (Sorry no pics). However, among all of it, I love the beef steak most, the meat was so juicy, tender and it's perfectly seasoned. In my opinion, Akane serves very authentic Japanese food so yesterday I suggested my friends to have dinner in Akane, I wanna let them try the food there.

When we entered the place, all the tables were fully occupied.. lucky enough there was a group of people just about to leave, so we immediately take over their table. When we sat, we really felt like we are eating in Japan because almost all of the guests there were Japanese hahaha.. Well, as soos as we sat, the waitress gave us the menu and we ordered these:
Hamburg 300g

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Sugarush, Bandung

It was just another trip to Bandung again... just right after the Christmas' celebration in our church, we went to The Sugarush.. Yup, it's a new cafe located in Braga area, near Wendy's. The place is quite eye-catching as the design is really unique, there is a "take me away" counter where people can easily buy breads from there. My friends and I were curious to see how the inside looks like.. and yes we were amazed by the interior. It's more to urban styles yet there is a classic touch as well... the ceilings in The Sugarush caught my eyes as soon as I entered the place as there are so many hanging lights on the ceilings. All of them were so classic and unique. I can say this place is really cozy to hang out with your loved ones :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Grasshopper Thai

It was time for lunch after a class... my friends and I were starving, we were quite bored to eat in our canteen so we decided to try the new Thai restaurant in Benton Junction. The place is quite an eye-catching, it's so cozy and I definitely love the interior but too bad we're not allowed to take picture there. Anyway, as soon as we sat, the waitress approached us and gave the menu as I looked through the menu, we decided to order these:

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bakmi Naripan, Bandung

Another day in was time for lunch and we decided to eat Bakmie Naripan.Well, who doesn't know Bakmi Naripan anyway?! all the bakmi lovers should have known this place.. I've been there twice and still will come back there again if I go to Bandung :p
Anyway.. speaking of bakmi.. I just knew that in Bandung there are two types of bakmi.. it's either sweet or the salty ones. At first, I wondered how the sweet ones would taste, as in Jakarta almost all bakmi are the salty type. So in order to break my curiosity, as usual, we ordered both types and also another one bowl of bakmi with grated cheese on top. We also ordered the side dishes such as baso, pangsit rebus and the legendary baso goreng! 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Plate For Me, Bandung

It was a Saturday's night in Bandung again, after spending almost all day long in my friend's house, we decided to go to Riau area for dinner. We're excited to try a new place called 'Plate for me', from outside the place looked quiet at that time. But when I entered the place, almost all seats were occupied. The decoration is obviously similar with the name of this cafe, it relates with plates, almost all the walls are covered with plates. Very unique and creative.Then as I went further inside the place, there are more seats with different ambience, it's more like a small garden. There are trees around the tables and visitors are free to smoke here. Well, as my friends and I aren't smokers so we chose to seat inside.
As we looked through the menus, we decide to order 'light' food as we were planning to go for another place to eat again :p

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mie Kangkung Bu Joko

Who would have thought a fully covered house garage is actually selling the most delicious Mie Kangkung in town??! Yup... it's a garage fully covered by the wall with a small entrance, the first time I went there, I've never thought that the inside would be filled with so many people. It was a lunch trip with my friends, we quickly grab a table once we spotted an empty table and as we were starving, we immediately ordered the famous Mie Kangkung (but I change the noodle to vermicelli), Ketoprak and es Mangga as the drink. 

Hot Station

If you're craving for Penang food, Malay food or Singapore's food then Hot Station is the right place to dine! It serves many variants of those listed types of food and drinks.. such as Pratas, Nasi Briyani, Char Kway Teow, Popiah, Curry Puffs, Laksa, Teh tarik, Barley and many more..It was at around 7pm and I was stuck in a traffic with my sister.. rather than beingbored inside the car, we decided to stop by the Hot Station to have some 'light' food..'light' because we didn't want to order any rice or noodles menus hahahaha...
Well, this place is actually my sister's favorite place to eat prata as you can find so many types of prata here, whether you want it sweet or savoury, Hot Station has it all!
Just so you know guys... when my sister was pregnant, almost everyday she's craving for the Pratas and the Teh Tarik here, she could even came to Hot Station in the middle of the night!! hahahaha...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dago Heuvel, Bandung

Another weekend in Bandung, my friend who stayed there recommend a new place to eat ANGSA.. yes, it's different from duck! She said the angsa meat is really soft and the most recommended menu is the Angsa Cabe Ijo. So, as I was so curious about it so we're heading to Dago Heuvel, it's located in Dago atas, almost at the end of the road of Dago atas. The place is so windy as it is surrounded by many trees, such a nice place but when we came there, we're the only one who dine there... probably because it's still 12pm, I think more people come at night. Anyway, when we got there, we ordered Angsa Cabe Ijo and also Angsa Madu.

Katsu Sei

It's time for Katsu Sei, as we can see from the name... it's all about katsu! There are wide varieties of katsu from chicken, pork, salmon, dori until seafood katsu. Set menus are available, complete with the soup and salad. 

Sate Kambing Mawardi, Puncak

My family decided to spend the weekend in Puncak, it was cold at that time so my cousin suggested to eat sate kambing in Mawardi. Honestly, I've never try it as usually I always eat sate kambing in Shinta, so I was pretty excited to try the Mawardi. When we reached there, all tables were taken so we had to wait like 15mins to get a table there. All of us were starving so we decided to order first so when we get the tables, our food is ready to be served.. hehehe.. 

Bubur ayam Mangga Besar

It was a pouring night and I was craving for something hot. I was thinking of a bowl of porridge, so my friends and I decided to try bubur ayam Mangga Besar which located in Kota. As usual, this place is always crowded by the visitors, we had to wait to get the tables there. Lucky enough that we didn't have to wait very long to get the table. As soon as we sat, we straightaway ordered 2 bowls of plain porridge, cakwe, 1/2 boneless Pek Cam Kee chicken, ampela and telur pitan. It all served on a plate, mixed with sesame oil and soy sauce. The plain porridge isn't taste plain as it is named, yet it's very tasty, as they added sesame oil on it and I'm pretty sure they use the kaldu ayam it becomes really yummmm... :p


It's time for Goemon, me and my friends were decided to have dinner here.. so let's give it a try!
When we arrived there, I just simply love the place, it made me feel like I was eating in Japan as the guests there were mostly Japanese. There are 'tatami' as well so we chose to sit there. As soon as we sat, the waitress approached us and gave us the menu. Honestly, as I looked at the menus, I was confused as I love most of the choices there! hahaha so what we do is that.. one person order one menu and we'll share it so we can try it all.. well that's fair enough! :p 

Bubur ayam bang Tatang

Let's get started with this famous bubur ayam bang Tatang, it's located in Rawa Belong, Palmerah.. I wonder what's so special about it as the place is very small yet always crowded... even that my mom and aunties always craving for this bubur ayam since they were teenagers! 

Okay... let's give it a try... when I came to the place with my family, it was still quite empty, so we sat there and order the bubur ayam and... WOW! when it was served right in front of my eyes, I was surprised. It is such a BIG portion of bubur ayam, bang Tatang give a very generous portion of chicken, well.. I could say more than generous as I can't even stir my porridge! *the chicken went out of my bowl when I tried to stir it..hahaha* hmmm... I even asked for an empty bowl to split my 'emping' into that empty bowl so I can stir my bubur ayam..! :p

At first I thought this bubur ayam is similar with the ordinary ones but I was wrong... This bubur ayam is really yummy, the chicken is very tender and the taste is simply delicious.. I could say this is a must try bubur ayam!

Here's the pic of bubur ayam bang Tatang: