Saturday, August 11, 2012

Zushibento, Perth

It was on Tuesday, that my cousin and a friend of us decided to have window shopping in Garden City while waiting for Mr D to go back from work. Around 12 pm, we arrived in Garden City, it was quite packed as that day was the first day of school holiday. There were many parents wandered around with their children around the shopping center, while the three of us were looking for food for lunch since we hadn't had breakfast yet. Came to a conclusion that we'd like to eat Zushi Bento, it's a Japanese fast food. There were lots of assorted sushi, bento and udon. For me I ordered... 
Chicken Udon Soup
Yup.. another noodle soup for me as it was very cold in Perth so I had always been craving for a bowl of hot soup. haha. This Chicken Udon Soup tasted great... I think overall taste was more to sweet flavour and I like the fact that the udon was not too soft, it was chewy. As for the chicken, it was fried and the meat was tender and tasty. While my cousin, Miss S, ordered:
Assorted Sushi

Sunday Everyday, Perth

It was a Monday morning, this time I went out with the girls as Mr D had to go back to work again, after a week off hahaha.. Well, the girls and I were having women fellowship and after that we were having lunch in Sunday Everyday, it is a small place which offering Japanese food with a very affordable price, especially with its portion! Their Chicken Karagee is the best seller menu among others, so I ordered one..
Look at that! The portion was real huge that I shared it with my cousin and it costs only $9.50 (which considered very affordable in Perth). It was served with Teriyaki Sauce and mayonnaise which tasted great and I added chilli powder on it. The Chicken Karagee were huge, each of them was almost like the size of a tennis ball, I guess. haha. Oh! we also got free hot tea over there. So I'd say.. if you are looking for a tasty and filling food with cheap price, you must visit Sunday Everyday. Very much like it! :)

Big Bowl, Perth

Well, I still got quite a number of food reviews while I was in Perth.. I guess I need to rush to post it all.. hahaha it was time for dinner and it was freezing outside, I was thinking of having a bowl of hot soup for dinner. Then, Mr D came out with the idea of having Pho (Vietnamese Noodle soup) but too bad when we reached the place, it was closed! So, Mr D suggested me to try Big Bowl instead (just opposite ToTo - the Vietnamese Noodle Bar-). Big Bowl is more to Taiwanese restaurant which serving noodles, kwetiau and rice. They got an unusual noodle which made from oat and they have thin and thick noodles. All of the noodles here are homemade, "it was light and healthy", Mr D said. As we scanned through the menu, we ordered...
Beef Noodle Soup
This Beef Noodle Soup came in a big portion, but for me, I just love the beef, it was tender and fragrant. While the taste of the soup, almost tasteless or too soft I would say.. I need to put soy sauce, chilli and pepper and too bad the noodle was also too soft for me. Overall, I just love the beef :)
Chicken Mushroom Baked Noodle

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Left Bank, Perth

On the next day, we were having breakfast on the other side of Fremantle, it is located on the banks of the beautiful Swan River. The place is called The Left Bank, it's a bar, cafe and restaurant positioned on the shores of the river. This place is one of Mr D's favourite place to have breakkie, he loves the atmospheres and the food there and apparently, it becomes OUR favourite place to dine :)  
Big Breakfast!
Yes! It really was a BIG breakfast, please just forget about calories and just simply enjoy it! hahaha I love their big breakfast, especially the toasts and the bacons.The toasts were crispy yet chewy as well, it became heavenly yummy when you spread it with the butter. As for the bacon, I love it because the fats were thin and it was dried (not oily), it was tasty. Honestly, I love having breakfast here, not only they have a great place but also they got great food too! 

Koko Black, Perth

After finish trying the food in Fremantle Market, we moved to Claremont, it's a shopping center. Mr D brought me to Koko Black, a chocolate salon. Koko black is located in several areas in Australia, in Melbourne they have several shops but during my time in Melbourne, I used to go to Max Brenner more often than Koko Black. Well.. let's just see what Mr D and I were having during the cold weather... :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kailis, Perth

Right after eating Dosukoi Ramen , we were very full but Mr D still wanted me to try the fish & chips in Kailis, it was around 10 minutes walk from Fremantle Market. It is located on the waterfront at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour. They are serving all fresh seafood but they are very well-known for their fish & chips... so let's give it a try (As we were so full, we agreed that we would order just a portion for share) :p

Friday, July 27, 2012

Dosukoi Ramen, Perth

It's time for ramen now, Mr D told me that Dosukoi Ramen is the best ramen in town. It is located inside Fremantle Market right beside Saint-Honore Macaroon. This stall is really small, the capacity of the stall is only for 15 people so you will have to wait approximately 30-60 minutes to get a seat there. First, when Mr D and I arrived there, we ordered and paid first then they would ask for our phone number and once our seats are available then they will send SMS to your mobile. Anyway, let's see what we got in Dosukoi Ramen...
Chicken Karaage in Soy Sauce Soup

We both ordered Chicken Karaage in Soy Sauce Soup as this is Mr D's favourite choice so I'd like to try it :p. Well, although it didn't look tempting in the picture but I could say that this ramen is really tasty and mild It was served with fried chicken, ear fungus, seaweed, fishcake and chopped spring onions. And the noodle was chewy and not too soft as for noodle I always like it hard. As for the chicken karaage, the meat was tender but too bad it wasn't crispy anymore as they put it inside the soup. Moreover, we also tried their... 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Maison Saint - Honore Macaroon, Perth

This time we were heading Fremantle area for our culinary trip. There are a few places we would like to visit. Let's begin here...
All flavours
It was 10.30 am when we reached Fremantle Market or people usually called it as Freo. It was a busy market I could tell. Unlike any usual market, Freo Market is clean and neat. There are so many various shops which selling souvenirs, unique stuff, nuts, fruits and a lot of food as well. So, Mr D and I began to try these macaroons which located just right beside Dosukoi Ramen. In the morning, you still could get all the flavors but at noon I'm sure you would only get one or two flavors left. Anyway, among all the flavours, I bought only four flavors as I was going to eat ramen and fish & chips as well so I had to left some space in my tummy.. hehehe 

Pink (Rose), Green (Pistachio), Yellow (Manggo), Brown (Mocca)
Honestly, it was so hard to decide which one I want because it's like I wanna try it all. But, I had to choose among all of it and finally my choice were those fours in the picture. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ciao Italia, Perth

Never say you have been to Perth if you haven't try Ciao Italia! Well, I think Ciao Italia is the star while I was in Perth. This casual restaurant runs by real Italian family, they are serving the best home style Italian cuisine I've ever tried. Other than pasta, they also have woodfired gourmet pizzas and awesome desserts. 
Seafood Pizza
This woodfired seafood pizza was served hot and they came in a thin base pizza. I liked the fact that they used fresh seafood and tasty mozzarella cheese. One slice of it won't be enough because you will be craving for more.
Fettucini Ciao Italia

This pasta was really really tasty, I really loveeeed it!! This definitely would be my all time favourite pasta ever! It was served with a chicken and sun dried tomato. It came in a big portion, great for two. Other than the cream which was so heavenly tasty, the fettucini was al dente, it was homemade as well. (writing this right now really makes me drooling over it.. T_T)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Dragon Palace, Perth

On the second day, we went to Dragon Palace in Northbridge area to have our breakfast and it's time for Dim Sum! yeayyy... I always love dim sum! And this time Mr D brought me to Dragon Palace (his favourite place for dim sum).. Lucky enough when we arrived, we spotted an empty table in the corner, so we straightaway sat there. Usually during weekend, this restaurant always full and we have to queue for a table for quite a long time. Well.. let's see what we had for our breakfast.. :D
I guess hakaw is a must order dish whenever I'm having dim sum, without it I felt like I wasn't having dim sum..I like hakaw yet it is not my favourite dish. However, I love the hakaw here because the prawns were huge and very fresh. Tasted so perfect when I dipped it into the chilli oil. Yum!
Prawn & Fish Roe Siu Mai

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Cheesecake Shop, Perth

After eating fish head , Mr D and I went to Cheesecake Shop to buy a birthday cake for Mr D's friend. I was so amazed once I entered the shop, there are so many selections of cheesecakes and a few selections of sponge cake and quiches. All of them were so tempting, it's like I want to try it all..!! :p
The cakes!
Mr D told me that there are not many cake shops in Perth so he usually always buy birthday cakes here and his favorite one is the Gold Caramel Mudcake but at that time he wanted to buy something else. And he chose to buy the Caramel Continental Cheesecake.
Caramel Continental Cheesecake (AUD$ 24.95)

Bateman Chinese Malaysian Eating House, Perth

This restaurant is serving Chinese Malaysian food and this casual restaurant is famous for its Fish Head. There are several menus which comes with its fish head, such as noodle soup, meehon soup and in asam curry. However, as Mr D told me that their fish head in asam curry ($24.50) is the best one so we ordered it.
The Fish Head

The Asam Curry

IKEA Meatballs, Perth

Hello everyone.. how are you all? Yes.. I'm back again after spending 2.5 weeks in Perth. It was really an awesome trip. I simply love Perth.. the city, the people and of course the food there! Okay, I'll start with the first place I've visited on my first day in Perth:
IKEA Meatballs

Friday, June 22, 2012

Pia 170, Pasir Kaliki - Bandung

After having an early dinner in Burgundy , we were so full but the clock showed that it was too early to go back. So, we decided to visit Pia 170 which located in Pasir Kaliki, as one of my friends said that it's the most popular pia in Bandung now. So, let's give it a try!
Pia Coklat

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rati Rati, PIK

It's time to try Rati Rati (Roll Cake from Japan) in PIK area. I was quite curious about this place for quite some time and here I am.. finally got the chance to try it.. :D

Green Tea Roll Cake
My first order was Green Tea Roll Cake with Green Tea Ice Cream. Every order comes with a scoop of ice cream (we can choose the flavour.. it's either Mango, Vanilla or Green Tea) and something like corn flakes (?). I think they gave the cornflakes to give a crunchy texture so when we bite the cake mixed with the ice cream and the cornflakes, it became quite a good combinations (soft, cold and crunchy). As for the cake itself, the texture was soft and light unlike our traditional 'bolu gulung' and the middle part was cream with bits of red beans, for me it was just okay and I barely tasted the green tea flavour. And for the ice cream, it melted so quickly and it was very light. For me, there was nothing really special about this dish.

Premium Choco Roll Cake

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Sugarush, Bandung (REVISIT)

As I went to Bandung last weekend, my friends and I decided to visit The Sugarush again. My previous visit to The Sugarush was on December 2011, back then there were no macaroons. But now there are quite many new variants of cakes and food as well. It was on Saturday's afternoon when we reached Braga area, from the distance I could see a queue line in front of The Sugarush and when we asked the waiter for a table, he said that we had to wait as there were 9 more people who were also still waiting for a table there. Hmm.. as we were starving so we decided to buy only the macaroons and the cupcake (those were the fastest food we can get at that time) for take away.

Coffee Macaroons (6.9K / each)

Green Tea, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Rose & Raspberry

Burgundy, Lembang - Bandung

Another trip to Bandung again, my friends and I decided to have an early dinner in Burgundy which located in Lembang. I always love to dine in Lembang area as it surely has a great scenery with mountain view and once I reached Burgundy, I immediately fell in love at the first sight with it. They have four different areas for dining: TERRACE which is a semi indoor area as our main dining area, PINOT NOIR - the private rooms that combined dining room and a relaxing mini lounge, GAMAY - private room with enjoyable personal touch and special assistance and THE VILLAGE - is an outdoor village with the ambience of Ubud Village. While we chose to sit in terrace area, I really love this area :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

RM Aceh Seulawah

Hi all.. how are you? I know it's been ages since my last post.. lately I've been quite busy with my work..Anyway, today I went to RM Aceh Seulawah to try their famous Mie Aceh. I heard about this place for quite some time and just realized that the place is just a step away from my office so I decided to have lunch there with my colleague. Here are the pics of what we ordered just now:
Nasi Goreng Kambing
Mie Aceh Daging

Monday, April 16, 2012


A few days ago, I was invited to the soft opening of IPOTSUKI which located in Rukan Crown Golf (PIK). I was so excited to come there right after office hours. With empty stomach, I was so ready to try their food :p Well, it's not that actually.. but I was really curious about what they are serving because long before its opening, my best friend told me roughly about his plan of opening this restaurant and he said it's gonna be a different type of Suki which we can generally find in Jakarta.

Anyway, at 6:30pm I reached IPOTSUKI then I joined my other friends who already sat nicely there. Not long after that, the waitress came to our table and gave us the menu lists. There are no price in the menu lists as I guess the owners have not decided yet. Ignored about that, we scanned through the menu list and chose some dishes. And I just knew that IPOTSUKI is actually serving personal suki, what I mean here is that we all will get a personal hot pot to boil our food. So all we need to do is just order the food and boil it in our own hot pot. Well, enough about that.. let's start to see what I've tried in IPOTSUKI :
IPOTSUKI Enoki Beef Rolls with Cheese

IPOTSUKI Crispy beef

Thursday, March 22, 2012

RM Anggrek, Bangka

RM Anggrek is the last place we visited right before heading to the airport (before that we stopped by at Warung Es Ayong again for the second time..hahaha). Well, I heard that the oxtail soup in RM Anggrek is yummy and its Es Anggrek is quite well-known. So, we decided to have lunch there and we ordered:

Neo Raja Laut Seafood, Bangka

And we finally arrived in Parai, we were amazed by the beautiful view beach they got there.. we spent the day at the resort and when it came to dinner time we decided to go out of the resort and were heading to Neo Raja Laut seafood restaurant. It is the most famous seafood restaurant in Sungailiat area. Located around 10 minutes away from the resort we stayed in. As we reached there, we ordered these:

This is Lempah (kind of the trademark food in Bangka), it has the mix tastes of sour, sweet and hot. There are pineapple slices and cherry tomatoes inside the soup. Kinda unique and I simply love it! Although I mentioned that this tasted sour, sweet and hot but it doesn't taste like tom yum. Anyway, we can choose what kind of fish we wanted, for this time I chose Stingray. Once I ate it, I really love the taste of the soup and of course the Stingray as well, the meat is really soft. I think this one is a must order food if you're visiting Neo Raja Laut :)
Cumi Masak Asam

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Warung Kopi Tung Tau, Bangka Part IV

After eating Es Kacang Merah, Bakmi Asu and Otak Otak Amui we were very full and decided to go to Parai beach straightaway which located one hour from Pangkal Pinang. Along the way, with full stomach my fam and I almost fell asleep but not until we spotted a warung kopi named Tung Tau. It is located in Sungailiat (halfway to Parai beach), I heard that this warung kopi is very famous even Pak Bondan ever visited here. From the info I got, the famous one is their Roti Bakar Telur and Roti Bakar Srikaya and of course their coffee selections. Well..without any further notice, we asked the driver to pull over and we ordered these:
Perfect match!
We ordered black coffee with Roti Bakar Telur and Roti Bakar Srikaya Keju, we decided to add cheese into the Srikaya ones because my mom loves cheese. Anyway, the black coffee was so good, it has nice smell and great taste even my mom who really loves coffee said that the coffee tasted great!  
Roti Bakar Telur

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Otak-otak Amui, Bangka Part III

Well, our culinary trip did not stop till Bakmi Asu, we continued again to the next destination before heading to Parai beach (1hour away from Bangka city), yes! it's time for otak-otak Amui. From the info I got, many people said that this place is a must visit one if you're in Bangka. So, with my full curiousity, I was so excited to try it even with quite a full stomach after eating Es Kacang Merah and Bakmi Asu --"

So here we go, it's time to review otak-otak Amui:

Bakmi Asu, Bangka Part II

After eating the famous Es Kacang Merah we decided to try Bakmi Asu, this is a non-halal place. Bakmi Asu is very well-known not only for their bakmi but also their other menus such as pork innards soup, pangsit rebus and ikan Lempah but I didn't get the chance to try their ikan Lempah, it's SOLD OUT :(

So, we decided to ordered these:
Bakmie Asu
This was the bakmie Bangka with minced chicken meat mixed with fried onions on top as the toppings and it was also served with Jeruk Kunci (almost all types of food in Bangka are served with Jeruk Kunci to replace 'cuka'). So, once it reached my table, I squeezed the Jeruk Kunci all over the bakmie to give a little bit of sour taste and I add the chilli as well... and yeah.. I'm ready to eat it! Well.. I simply love the noodles here, somehow it was different with any other bakmie Bangka I've tried in Jakarta. The noodles and the beansprouts were perfectly boiled and the taste was not too salty either, it blended well with the taste of the Jeruk Kunci and its chilli.
Pork Innards Soup

Monday, March 12, 2012

Warung Es Ayong, Bangka Part I

Last weekend, my family and I were decided to visit Parai beach in Bangka island for a short weekend getaway. It was our first trip to Bangka, I was very excited as so many people told me that Parai beach is very beautiful and there are many yummy food in Bangka, I simply couldn't wait any longer to start the culinary trip in Bangka..well.. and of course to see the Parai beach too.. hahaha but in this blog I'll only post the review about the food there :p

Here is the first place we visit once we landed in Bangka:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Wagyu Steak

When I passed through Tanjung Duren area, I spotted a restaurant named Wagyu Steak ? (Yes, with a big question mark). I was quiet curious with that restaurant, so my mother and I decided to pull over and had lunch there. When we entered, the first thing came to my mind was..."oh well.. the place isn't like my expectation" why?? it was hot inside (they only turned on a few air cons while actually the place is quite spacious). Well, enough about the place.. it's time to order the food. When I looked at the menus, I was quite surprised with the prices because it could be said very cheap for wagyu steaks (well.. it actually depends on the quality). Other than Wagyu steaks, there are also other menus like chicken steak, prawn steak, gordon blue, chicken katsu and many more. And after scanning through the menu list, my mom and I ordered 2 Wagyu X Steaks (55K), one with Black Pepper sauce and another one with BBQ sauce. Here are the pics:
Wagyu X Steak with Black Pepper Sauce
Wagyu X Steak with BBQ Sauce