Friday, March 2, 2012

Gahyo Restaurant

Hii.. It's been more than a month I've never updated my blog, I was so hectic with my job lately so I've no time to update this blog :( 
Well, anyway here I am.. ready to update my blog! yeayyy... there are quite many new reviews I'd like to post.. the first one is Gahyo Restaurant. I think this restaurant is a very authentic Korean restaurant. I've tried most of their menus and I love for the prices.. well, to be honest .. it's quite pricey but very worth it after all.. as before we start eating we'll get many variants of bachan as the appetizer (you can ask for more - free) and after eating we will get free dessert as well (choose one - coconut pudding, mango pudding, ice coffee, etc) and fruits afterwards. So, isn't it very well-worth to pay extra cash because I'm very sure you'll be very full after eating in Gahyo! hahaha..
Free Flow Bachan
Enough for the introduction, here are some of the menus I've tried in Gahyo:
Samgaetang (95K)
For this one, I'm sure not all of us will like Samgaetang, as the soup is almost tasteless yet for me, I love it as I find it very healthy anyway you can also sprinkle more salt and pepper into it. I love the chicken as it is well-cooked and its chewy, inside the chicken there's Gingseng and glutinous rice, this kinda reminds me with Turkey but in smaller version and much healthier hahaha.. The Koreans believe that Samgaetang is really good for health especially during summer as we perspire a lot and it might cause dehydration so by eating Samgaetang, we can prevent dehydration.
Jabchae (95K)
Who doesn't know Jabchae?? well, if you don't know, you should try it, this is a very common Korean dish. In my opinion, it looks and tastes like ordinary glass noodles (we called it 'soun') but surprisingly it is NOT. This noodle glass, in Korean they called it 'dangmyeon', it's chewy and made from sweet potato starch. For the taste, I'd say it's yummy but nothing really stood out because although it's different from 'soun', but I feel like eating ordinary 'soun goreng' (almost similar) but only with much higher price.. hahahaha 

Yukkejang (68K)

I always love to eat Yukkejang in every Korean Restaurant, this is a spicy vegetable and meat soup. I love the one in Gahyo as it uses 'dangmyeon' , shredded beef, mushroom and any other veggies. Although, Yukkejang is called spicy soup but for us (Indonesian) it isn't spicy at all. For this one, I think is very worth it with the price of only 68K because it comes with a bowl of rice as well and the Yukkejang itself comes in a very generous portion.
Dolsot Bibimbab (68K)

I'm sure everyone on earth knows this very well-known Korean dish. Yes! It's Bibimbab and it's called Dolsot Bibimbab because it serves on a hot stone bowl, if the one serves in ordinary bowl then it would be called Bibimbab without Dolsot (just for extra info for those who didn't knew it :p). Well, in Korea itself, bibimbab is like nasi goreng for us but in much healthier way. It contains various kind of assorted veggies, meat and raw egg and it must be mixed with 'gochujang' (a spicy ketchup like sauce). I think the one gives taste is the 'gochujang', without it then it would be tasteless. I love this Dolsot Bibimbab in Gahyo because the hot stone bowl is really hot and when you stir the egg, it will be cooked and the food itself would be kept warm for quite a long time. 
Teuk Seng Galbi (198K)
Teuk Seng Galbi is prime beef short rib boneless, for this one we can grill it by ourself or ask the waiter to grill for us. I love this one because the meat is very tender and juicy, to make it yummier we must deep it into the 'special secret' sauce (Me.. don't even know what sauce it is) hahaha 

Teuk Yangnyeum Galbi (198K)
There's nothing much different with Teuk Seng Galbi, the difference is only it is marinated in sauce which makes it even tastier.
L.A Galbi Set (Lunch Menu Set) 180K

This menu set only available during lunch, for me I think this menu set is perfect for 2 people. The soupis called Sundubu Chigae it's soy bean paste soup. This menu comes with a bowl of rice as well. As for the L.A Galbi it would be grilled and tastes so perfect, the meat itself is so tender and juicy. Very very worth it! :) 

Well, that's all my review on Gahyo and here are some of the pictures of the place:

In conclusion, I would say Gahyo is one of my top list Korean restaurant in Jakarta, I'll surely come back for another meal there! :D

Price: 68K - 485K
Place: Gahyo Restaurant (SCBD)
          Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Lot 6
          021- 5289 7044
          Gahyo Restaurant (Kelapa Gading)
          Sport Mall Kelapa Gading
          Blok A 26-27
          021- 4587 6626


  1. Yay, will finally get to try these yummy Korean fine cuisine next month =P Thanks Ellen! =)

  2. You're welcome dear! I'll see you soon... :D