Monday, April 16, 2012


A few days ago, I was invited to the soft opening of IPOTSUKI which located in Rukan Crown Golf (PIK). I was so excited to come there right after office hours. With empty stomach, I was so ready to try their food :p Well, it's not that actually.. but I was really curious about what they are serving because long before its opening, my best friend told me roughly about his plan of opening this restaurant and he said it's gonna be a different type of Suki which we can generally find in Jakarta.

Anyway, at 6:30pm I reached IPOTSUKI then I joined my other friends who already sat nicely there. Not long after that, the waitress came to our table and gave us the menu lists. There are no price in the menu lists as I guess the owners have not decided yet. Ignored about that, we scanned through the menu list and chose some dishes. And I just knew that IPOTSUKI is actually serving personal suki, what I mean here is that we all will get a personal hot pot to boil our food. So all we need to do is just order the food and boil it in our own hot pot. Well, enough about that.. let's start to see what I've tried in IPOTSUKI :
IPOTSUKI Enoki Beef Rolls with Cheese

IPOTSUKI Crispy beef