Friday, June 22, 2012

Pia 170, Pasir Kaliki - Bandung

After having an early dinner in Burgundy , we were so full but the clock showed that it was too early to go back. So, we decided to visit Pia 170 which located in Pasir Kaliki, as one of my friends said that it's the most popular pia in Bandung now. So, let's give it a try!
Pia Coklat

As I was so full, so I decided just to buy a box of Pia to bring home so we could sit there for a chit chat first. Pia 170 comes in four different flavours (Chocolate, Cheese, Butterscotch and Mung Bean). Among those four flavours, I was confused which flavour to choose, at first my friend told me to buy a box which contains all the flavours but too bad it's SOLD OUT! So there were only Chocolate and Cheese flavours left. So, I bought one box of Chocolate and my friend bought a box of Cheese and we exchanged half of the box, so we could get the Choco and Cheese at the same time! yeay..!

The good thing about Pia 170 is that, they bake daily so all the Pia are still hot and fresh! As we sat there with a box of Pia in front of me, I couldn't resist myself to take one and try it (although I was still very full.. :D ).

In my opinion, after the first bite of the Choco flavour, I could say that I love the filling, it's so chewy but too bad I think the 'skin' was too soft, so when I bite it, it scattered all over the place (it's like the flour burst on my mouth), or is it because it's still fresh from the oven?. Well on the next day, I tried the cheese one, hoping the skin becomes better yet it turned out the same only the surface became a little bit more crispy. Anyway, as I compared it with the famous Pia Lie Tan (in Sunter), I think Pia Lie Tan is better as the 'skin' is crispy. All in all, for Pia 170 I think I only love the fillings.

 Moreover, the place of Pia 170 is similar like kopitiam, beside selling pia, they also offer some other food like gado-gado, satay, dimsum and etc... and one of my friends (still able to eat!) ordered a portion of....

Chicken Satay
For this one, I didn't try it because I was too full to be true, but my friend said it was yummy! :D

Moreover, I guess Pia 170 is quite a good place to hang out. Here are the pics of the interior of Pia 170:

Overall, I think I might be back again to try their other menu...! :)

Price: Pia (1 box, 15 pieces) IDR 30, 
Location: Jl. Pasirkaliki No. 170, Bandung 
              (021) 8446-0028

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