Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Sugarush, Bandung (REVISIT)

As I went to Bandung last weekend, my friends and I decided to visit The Sugarush again. My previous visit to The Sugarush was on December 2011, back then there were no macaroons. But now there are quite many new variants of cakes and food as well. It was on Saturday's afternoon when we reached Braga area, from the distance I could see a queue line in front of The Sugarush and when we asked the waiter for a table, he said that we had to wait as there were 9 more people who were also still waiting for a table there. Hmm.. as we were starving so we decided to buy only the macaroons and the cupcake (those were the fastest food we can get at that time) for take away.

Coffee Macaroons (6.9K / each)

Green Tea, Chocolate, Hazelnut, Rose & Raspberry

 For the macaroons, actually there are more flavours than those in the pics such as Taro and Cheese but too bad I wasn't lucky enough to try those flavours. Well, for me, I really love the macaroons here.. I've tried some macaroons from other places but none of them stole my heart hahaha.. these macaroons not too sweet and the fillings taste just perfect to my liking. Among all, I love Coffee and Rose the most. But, still curious for Taro and Cheese, maybe on my next visit I'll try those (hopefully I can get it as it is sold quite fast!)

Our next order was: 
Choco Banana Cupcake (23K)
With chopped walnuts
Honestly, at first I was attracted only by its appearance, it looked so cute but when I read the tag it's Choco Banana cupcake then I straightaway ordered one to go. I love every cake which made from banana, I just simply love the smell. And it turned out to be really yummy! the cupcake was so fluffy and it made from banana mixed with chopped walnuts and the chocolate ganache on top of it. There was a small choco macaroon as well. I simply love this cupcake. 

Location: Jalan Braga no 83
                 Bandung - West Java

                 022 - 4236618

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