Thursday, March 22, 2012

RM Anggrek, Bangka

RM Anggrek is the last place we visited right before heading to the airport (before that we stopped by at Warung Es Ayong again for the second time..hahaha). Well, I heard that the oxtail soup in RM Anggrek is yummy and its Es Anggrek is quite well-known. So, we decided to have lunch there and we ordered:

Neo Raja Laut Seafood, Bangka

And we finally arrived in Parai, we were amazed by the beautiful view beach they got there.. we spent the day at the resort and when it came to dinner time we decided to go out of the resort and were heading to Neo Raja Laut seafood restaurant. It is the most famous seafood restaurant in Sungailiat area. Located around 10 minutes away from the resort we stayed in. As we reached there, we ordered these:

This is Lempah (kind of the trademark food in Bangka), it has the mix tastes of sour, sweet and hot. There are pineapple slices and cherry tomatoes inside the soup. Kinda unique and I simply love it! Although I mentioned that this tasted sour, sweet and hot but it doesn't taste like tom yum. Anyway, we can choose what kind of fish we wanted, for this time I chose Stingray. Once I ate it, I really love the taste of the soup and of course the Stingray as well, the meat is really soft. I think this one is a must order food if you're visiting Neo Raja Laut :)
Cumi Masak Asam

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Warung Kopi Tung Tau, Bangka Part IV

After eating Es Kacang Merah, Bakmi Asu and Otak Otak Amui we were very full and decided to go to Parai beach straightaway which located one hour from Pangkal Pinang. Along the way, with full stomach my fam and I almost fell asleep but not until we spotted a warung kopi named Tung Tau. It is located in Sungailiat (halfway to Parai beach), I heard that this warung kopi is very famous even Pak Bondan ever visited here. From the info I got, the famous one is their Roti Bakar Telur and Roti Bakar Srikaya and of course their coffee selections. Well..without any further notice, we asked the driver to pull over and we ordered these:
Perfect match!
We ordered black coffee with Roti Bakar Telur and Roti Bakar Srikaya Keju, we decided to add cheese into the Srikaya ones because my mom loves cheese. Anyway, the black coffee was so good, it has nice smell and great taste even my mom who really loves coffee said that the coffee tasted great!  
Roti Bakar Telur

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Otak-otak Amui, Bangka Part III

Well, our culinary trip did not stop till Bakmi Asu, we continued again to the next destination before heading to Parai beach (1hour away from Bangka city), yes! it's time for otak-otak Amui. From the info I got, many people said that this place is a must visit one if you're in Bangka. So, with my full curiousity, I was so excited to try it even with quite a full stomach after eating Es Kacang Merah and Bakmi Asu --"

So here we go, it's time to review otak-otak Amui:

Bakmi Asu, Bangka Part II

After eating the famous Es Kacang Merah we decided to try Bakmi Asu, this is a non-halal place. Bakmi Asu is very well-known not only for their bakmi but also their other menus such as pork innards soup, pangsit rebus and ikan Lempah but I didn't get the chance to try their ikan Lempah, it's SOLD OUT :(

So, we decided to ordered these:
Bakmie Asu
This was the bakmie Bangka with minced chicken meat mixed with fried onions on top as the toppings and it was also served with Jeruk Kunci (almost all types of food in Bangka are served with Jeruk Kunci to replace 'cuka'). So, once it reached my table, I squeezed the Jeruk Kunci all over the bakmie to give a little bit of sour taste and I add the chilli as well... and yeah.. I'm ready to eat it! Well.. I simply love the noodles here, somehow it was different with any other bakmie Bangka I've tried in Jakarta. The noodles and the beansprouts were perfectly boiled and the taste was not too salty either, it blended well with the taste of the Jeruk Kunci and its chilli.
Pork Innards Soup

Monday, March 12, 2012

Warung Es Ayong, Bangka Part I

Last weekend, my family and I were decided to visit Parai beach in Bangka island for a short weekend getaway. It was our first trip to Bangka, I was very excited as so many people told me that Parai beach is very beautiful and there are many yummy food in Bangka, I simply couldn't wait any longer to start the culinary trip in Bangka..well.. and of course to see the Parai beach too.. hahaha but in this blog I'll only post the review about the food there :p

Here is the first place we visit once we landed in Bangka:

Friday, March 9, 2012

Wagyu Steak

When I passed through Tanjung Duren area, I spotted a restaurant named Wagyu Steak ? (Yes, with a big question mark). I was quiet curious with that restaurant, so my mother and I decided to pull over and had lunch there. When we entered, the first thing came to my mind was..."oh well.. the place isn't like my expectation" why?? it was hot inside (they only turned on a few air cons while actually the place is quite spacious). Well, enough about the place.. it's time to order the food. When I looked at the menus, I was quite surprised with the prices because it could be said very cheap for wagyu steaks (well.. it actually depends on the quality). Other than Wagyu steaks, there are also other menus like chicken steak, prawn steak, gordon blue, chicken katsu and many more. And after scanning through the menu list, my mom and I ordered 2 Wagyu X Steaks (55K), one with Black Pepper sauce and another one with BBQ sauce. Here are the pics:
Wagyu X Steak with Black Pepper Sauce
Wagyu X Steak with BBQ Sauce

Hong Kong Cafe

Right after having dinner, we were craving for something sweet as we were in Central Park, we decided to visit Hong Kong Cafe to grab some sweet stuff. I love the place here, it's very comfy and the ambience is relaxing. Well, after we saw the menus, here are the things we ordered:
Mango Paradise

This is Mango Paradise, this is perfect for all the Mango lovers out there.. as it's all about Mango.. Nothing else! As you can see from the photo, it's Mango Pudding with Mango ice cream, Mango puree, Mango cubes and little bit of whipped cream in between the ice cream and the pudding. For me, two thumbs up for this one! The Mango puree is not too sweet which makes a perfect blend with the ice cream and the pudding itself. Should try it if you have the chance to visit Hong Kong Cafe in Central Park or the one opposite Sarinah :)

Cheese Rolls

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bakso Total Solo

This place is located at the corner of Mangga Besar road near Bakso Akiaw, I was around there to buy roti Henis at lunch time with my colleagues. At first, we'd like to eat Bakso Akiaw but it was still closed so we decided to eat whatever around there. And here we are.. we spotted a place called Bakso Total Solo which was quite crowded at that time, made us even curious to try it. So, as we entered we ordered bakso campur which includes:
When it was served on our table, the first thing came to my mind was that... "well.. this is similar with the very famous Bakso Jawir" but when I tried it, I'd say I prefer this than Bakso Jawir. Why?? because I think the smell of the beef is not as strong as in Bakso Jawir. After finish eating a portion of bakso campur here, there was no smell of beef left in my mouth which I love it so much. Moreover, as I looked around, I just read that they are serving Bakso Rusuk which makes me really curious of how it would taste.. I think I'm going to try it on my second time to visit here :)

Price: 12K- 21K
Location: Corner of Mangga Besar Rd (Near the traffic light)

"Rujak Kolam"

This is a must try rujak buah if you're in ITC Mangga Dua. Honestly, I think this is the best rujak buah I've ever tried in my whole life.. For a portion of rujak buah here is 25K, at first I think it's quite expensive for only a plate of rujak buah but after eating it, I realized 25K is very well-worth because the portion is considered huge and there are lots of peanuts as well. I really love it! 

Here is the pic of the "Rujak Kolam":

However, this stall is not only serving rujak buah, but there are other variants menu as well, like gado-gado, sop buntut, somay and etc.. but I've only ever tried their very well-known rujak buah which they usually called it "Rujak Kolam". Well...maybe next time I'll try their other menus :)

Price: 25K
Location: ITC Mangga Dua Lt.3D No. 20/95

Friday, March 2, 2012

Gahyo Restaurant

Hii.. It's been more than a month I've never updated my blog, I was so hectic with my job lately so I've no time to update this blog :( 
Well, anyway here I am.. ready to update my blog! yeayyy... there are quite many new reviews I'd like to post.. the first one is Gahyo Restaurant. I think this restaurant is a very authentic Korean restaurant. I've tried most of their menus and I love for the prices.. well, to be honest .. it's quite pricey but very worth it after all.. as before we start eating we'll get many variants of bachan as the appetizer (you can ask for more - free) and after eating we will get free dessert as well (choose one - coconut pudding, mango pudding, ice coffee, etc) and fruits afterwards. So, isn't it very well-worth to pay extra cash because I'm very sure you'll be very full after eating in Gahyo! hahaha..
Free Flow Bachan
Enough for the introduction, here are some of the menus I've tried in Gahyo:
Samgaetang (95K)
For this one, I'm sure not all of us will like Samgaetang, as the soup is almost tasteless yet for me, I love it as I find it very healthy anyway you can also sprinkle more salt and pepper into it. I love the chicken as it is well-cooked and its chewy, inside the chicken there's Gingseng and glutinous rice, this kinda reminds me with Turkey but in smaller version and much healthier hahaha.. The Koreans believe that Samgaetang is really good for health especially during summer as we perspire a lot and it might cause dehydration so by eating Samgaetang, we can prevent dehydration.