Monday, January 16, 2012

Martabak Pandan "New York"

This time is not a review about food in a restaurant, but about Martabak.. yes.. it's Martabak Pandan! I don't know why but I just feel like I wanna share it here because I really love this Martabak Pandan...
I love this 'green' martabak manis because for me it's just different with any other martabak manis, the Pandan essence makes this martabak smells good. This is also not too buttery and thick, the chocolate mixed with the condensed milk, grated cheese, nuts and the sesame taste soooooo perfect that I could eat more than two at once! :p
But, the portion of this Martabak Pandan is not as much as the usual portion that a portion of this is just nice for me n my mom (or issit me that too greedy..?) hahahaha :p

Price: 32K
Place: Martabak New York
          Taman Surya 2, Cengkareng
          021- 92796186 (Delivery Order)

Hay Thien

It's been a while since my last post.. and now I wanna post my review on Hay Thien. I'm pretty sure that most of you know Hay Thien right..?? This place is one my favourite shabu-shabu restaurant since I was young..Well, I can say that Hay Thien is the place where you can have good food which come with good prices and I'm one of its loyal customers..hahaha.. 

When you dine here, you can choose whether you want your food to be grilled, hotplate or steamboat. For me, I always choose steamboat but in Hay Thien, the way they serve steamboat is a bit different with the usual way. The waitress boil all the food for us and when it's cooked, they serve the food into the a plate which filled with sesame oil. And after all the food is cooked, the waitress will boil the veggie and served it into a small bowl with its soup.