Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MAZEL TOV, Puri Indah Mall

Here comes the new wine lounge located in West Jakarta, to be exact it is located in Puri Indah Mall Expansion, the new building in Puri Indah Mall. I'm so happy that the whole building is occupied with cafes and restaurants. Anyway, this time I've visited Mazel Tov, I'm so in love with the place, so cozy and elegant.

For alcohol drinks, other than wines they also provide wide selections of cocktails, liquor and beers. But this time, I'm not in the mood of having alcohol drinks so I decided to try their food instead! :)

Here is the first dish I've ordered:

Meat Over Fries
I ordered Meat Over Fries  for appetizer, I love it as it is topped with melted cheese and minced meat. For me, it is so addictive, I couldn't stop munching it. As for the meat, it is more like bolognaise meat sauce.

Second dish:
Pork Shank
This pork shank is a new menu in Mazel Tov, so I was curious to try it. And... this was the BOMB!! Sinfully yummy!! the skin was soooo crispy and the meat is so tender and tasty. It was perfectly cooked.. and another good thing was they served it with mango salad which gives you a fresh taste and I really love the dip sauce, it was sour and savoury. Worth to try!!