Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Burgundy, Lembang - Bandung

Another trip to Bandung again, my friends and I decided to have an early dinner in Burgundy which located in Lembang. I always love to dine in Lembang area as it surely has a great scenery with mountain view and once I reached Burgundy, I immediately fell in love at the first sight with it. They have four different areas for dining: TERRACE which is a semi indoor area as our main dining area, PINOT NOIR - the private rooms that combined dining room and a relaxing mini lounge, GAMAY - private room with enjoyable personal touch and special assistance and THE VILLAGE - is an outdoor village with the ambience of Ubud Village. While we chose to sit in terrace area, I really love this area :)

As soon as we sat, the waiter gave us the menu and we ordered...these:
Prawn Cigar served with Wasabi Mayo
The inside
 For the appetizer, we ordered Prawn Cigar (35K) or similar with Prawn Spring Rolls, it is served with Wasabi Mayo and the prawn wrapped in seaweed sheets. The prawns were very fresh and the skin of the rolls were really crispy and it wasn't oily although they were deep-fried. As for the mayo, the taste of the wasabi wasn't strong that I almost couldn't taste it at all. 
Caesar Salad
We also ordered Ceasar Salad (30K) and I could say that I love their Caesar Salad. They used crispy smoked beef, boiled egg and Parmesan cheese as the toppings while for the vegetable they used Romaine lettuce which were really fresh and so crunchy. I also love its sweet and sour dressing, made it even tastier. 
Iga Bakar with Steam Rice
Here comes the first main course, Iga Bakar with steam rice (70K) or to be more specific it's a spicy Iga Bakar as they put chilli (balado) on top of the ribs. It had a really tempting smell when it was served to our table till we couldn't resist any longer to try it as from its smell, it must be a really good dish. And yes! IT WAS A REALLY GOOD DISH.. the ribs were so tender and juicy and the chilli (or balado) was simply perfect to my liking, wasn't too hot nor sweet. Ate the tender ribs mixed with the sambal with hot steam rice was such a heavenly combinations. Oh.. I'm craving for more... 
Pepperoni Pizza
From Indonesia we go to Italy, yes.. after Iga Bakar was being served to our table, our next order was Pepperoni Pizza (50K). Burgundy serves a thin crispy pizza with various toppings but for this time we chose Pepperoni as the topping. I like this thin crispy pizza which was served with Mozzarella Cheese and Cheddar Orange as it made the pizza so tasty and chewy while the base was crispy. However, as I am a cheese lover, for my next visit maybe I'll prefer to try their Cheesy Cheese Pizza which they use Mozzarella Cheese, Cheddar Orange, Natural Cheddar and Parmesan Cheese as the toppings.
Chicken Gordon Blue
Our last main course was Chicken Gordon Blue (65K) which was served with steam vegies and french fries with Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce. For me, this dish had nothing really stood out, the sauce which supposed to be honey mustard BBQ turned out to be more like Tomato Sauce. The only thing I like was that they put generous amount of mozzarella cheese inside. 

Moreover, we also ordered various drinks, such as:
Burgundy Popping Splash (Blackcurrant)
Burgundy Popping Splash (Lychee)
Loveeeee these drinks! It's so fresh and light..Burgundy Popping Splash (35K) comes in various flavors but we chose Blackcurrant and Lychee. They mixed the syrups with soda, chopped fruits and some kind of popping bubble but what attracted my attention was they freezed the chopped fruit so it became a fruit ice cube (?). Also, the popping bubble (forgot to take the pic :p) were sooo irresistible, looks like 'pearl' but when we bite it burst with mango flavour inside. I just really enjoyed biting it till it burst hahaha...
Ice Almond Latte (35K)
Coffee Latte (35K)
Hazelnut Latte (35K)
Burgundy Coffee Special (55K)
Among all the lattes we ordered, only Hazelnut Latte has the best taste. And the second best was Burgundy Coffee Special which contains Espresso, Fresh Milk, Kahlua and Baileys.

All in all, I think Burgundy is a great place to hang out and dine with your loved ones and they do serve great food as well. I definitely will come back again to Burgundy.. oh maybe at night as it turns to be a very romantic place at night.. :D

Price: 25K - 250K
Location: Jl. Raya Maribaya no.163. Lembang - Bandung 40391 - Indonesia 
               P. 62 22 2787 125


  1. Bubblenya kayanya sama ama yang di calais..enak ya pop gt kaya tobiko heheh

  2. oyah? ak belum pernah nyobain calais.. enak bgt yah pas di gigit trs pecah gtu..jdi gemes pas gigit bubble-nya.. hahaha :D

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