Wednesday, June 6, 2012

RM Aceh Seulawah

Hi all.. how are you? I know it's been ages since my last post.. lately I've been quite busy with my work..Anyway, today I went to RM Aceh Seulawah to try their famous Mie Aceh. I heard about this place for quite some time and just realized that the place is just a step away from my office so I decided to have lunch there with my colleague. Here are the pics of what we ordered just now:
Nasi Goreng Kambing
Mie Aceh Daging
My colleague ordered Nasi Goreng Kambing (20K), her dish came first to our table and the portion was quite big and it is served with fried egg and emping. The waitress also gave us Acar Bawang Merah and while waiting for my dish to be served, my colleague tried the Acar Bawang Merah while me.. I didn't dare to try it because I don't like raw onions. However, when my colleague tried it and surprisingly she said it didn't taste like raw onion, no smell or anything so I tried a lil bit of it and yes! it didn't taste like ones, it tasted just like any Acar Timun. 

Then after a while, my Mie Aceh Daging (16K) was served to our table with sliced cucumbers, lime and emping as well. As usual, we tried each other's dishes and for me the Nasi Goreng Kambing tasted great, no smell of lamb and there is curry flavor on it, perfect to my liking, worth to try! Then for the Mie Aceh Daging, they used beef (for this I chose mie aceh rebus instead of the fried one), I love the taste especially when I squeezed the lime into it.. the spicy taste blended well with the lime, made it so fresh! and the gravy wasn't too thick but too bad the noodle was a little bit overcooked so it was really soft. As for the Mie Aceh they are actually serving quite many variants of toppings, you can choose with crabs, prawns, chicken or beef. Then as we saw that they're serving Roti Cane as well, we also ordered one with sugar.
Roti Cane Gula
This Roti Cane (9K) is usually served with Lamb/Chicken Curry or with chocolate and cheese, but for me I love it with sugar. I've ever tried quite several Roti Cane in Jakarta and I could say that this Roti Cane in RM Aceh Seulawah is the most savory ones, I think they made it with lots of butter, I like it but too bad it was extremely oily!!
Kue Timpan
Oh! I almost forgot.. before any of our dishes came to our table, we tried Kue Timpan (2.5K) which are served in every table. This is one of the traditional cake from Aceh made from glutinous rice and pumpkins with srikaya and jackfruit fillings. The texture of Kue Timpan is similar with Kue Pisang, it's chewy and soft, I just simply love it with its fillings, the taste of srikaya and jackfruit blend very well and not too sweet too.

After all, I'd like to come back again to RM Aceh Seulawah to try their other unique and tempting dishes such as Gulai Ikan Hiu, Ikan Kayu (wanted to try this one today, but too bad still not ready yet) and Sambel 'Ganja' (made from belimbing muda and ebi - also not ready yet!).

Price: 8K - 50K
Location: Jl. Bendungan Hilir No.9 (Right in front of RS Angkatan Laut Mintoharjo)

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