Monday, April 16, 2012


A few days ago, I was invited to the soft opening of IPOTSUKI which located in Rukan Crown Golf (PIK). I was so excited to come there right after office hours. With empty stomach, I was so ready to try their food :p Well, it's not that actually.. but I was really curious about what they are serving because long before its opening, my best friend told me roughly about his plan of opening this restaurant and he said it's gonna be a different type of Suki which we can generally find in Jakarta.

Anyway, at 6:30pm I reached IPOTSUKI then I joined my other friends who already sat nicely there. Not long after that, the waitress came to our table and gave us the menu lists. There are no price in the menu lists as I guess the owners have not decided yet. Ignored about that, we scanned through the menu list and chose some dishes. And I just knew that IPOTSUKI is actually serving personal suki, what I mean here is that we all will get a personal hot pot to boil our food. So all we need to do is just order the food and boil it in our own hot pot. Well, enough about that.. let's start to see what I've tried in IPOTSUKI :
IPOTSUKI Enoki Beef Rolls with Cheese

IPOTSUKI Crispy beef
Fried Wonton
Fried Mantao
Some of the food we ordered
Prime Beef
As you can see from the pics above, we ordered 4 different types of appetizers (quite a lot for a table of four I guess... hahaha) Well, in my opinion I love enoki beef roll with cheese the most, as the enoki and the mozzarella cheese made it so chewy besides the beef is also very well-cooked and the salt n pepper on top make it tastes even better, this is definitely a must order item if you have the chance to visit IPOTSUKI :)Then, for me the second best is the fried wonton, its skin is so crispy and I love the filling as well, minced beef mixed with prawns.. simply perfect! and the third one is the crispy beef, this appetizer is actually very yummy but too bad I think it's too oily. As for the fried mantao, I actually love it especially when it is dipped into the condensed milk but I think this dish is very ordinary so the taste of it didn't surprise me.. Moreover, I'll show you how we eat the main course..
The personal hot pot 
Each of us got one hot pot and we had to choose the soups. There are Spicy Soup (Mala Soup), Chicken Soup, Seafood Soup and Tom Yum Soup. Out of all, I chose Chicken soup and my friends Tom Yum Soup.. at first I wanted to order Mala Soup but because I didn't feel like eating spicy soup at that time so I ordered chicken soup instead. Well, this Mala Soup is actually IPOTSUKI's speciality so maybe I'll try it on my next visit as their customer :)
Chicken Soup comes with tomato and cucumber
I definitely in love with their chicken soup, no kidding, after the first sip of it.. I simply couldn't stop of sipping it through all the way till the menus we had ordered come to our table..(In total, I asked the waitress to refill my soup around 3-4 times!) hahahaha.. :p as the soup is so tasty, the slices of tomato and cucumber make it tastes so fresh and light.

And this is the Tom Yum Soup.. I love this as well, the taste is so authentic, the spicy and sour taste blend perfectly. Too bad this portion wasn't mine so I just tried a little bit of it.. hahaha.. Moreover, the best thing about eating in IPOTSUKI is that... there are so many varieties of sauces.. peanut sauce, spicy sauce, soy souce, fried garlic, chopped garlic, chilli powder and many more.. here's what I got..
The sauces
Overall, I love the food here and this is simply a different way to eat Suki..and I'll definitely come back again as their customer to try the Mala Soup! :D

If you'd like to visit IPOTSUKI, here's the address:

Rukan Crown Golf , D51-52
Pantai Indah Kapuk
021- 9882 3260


  1. Wah deket nih dari rumah. Itu 'sauce' yang dimaksud = sambel nya?

  2. Haloo Ruby :D
    Iya cobain deh, baru buka tempatnya.. hahaha iya sauce = sambel/bumbu utk dip nya gtu.. ada byk macem.. peanut sauce jg ada.. :D