Thursday, March 22, 2012

RM Anggrek, Bangka

RM Anggrek is the last place we visited right before heading to the airport (before that we stopped by at Warung Es Ayong again for the second time..hahaha). Well, I heard that the oxtail soup in RM Anggrek is yummy and its Es Anggrek is quite well-known. So, we decided to have lunch there and we ordered:

And here we go..this is the oxtail soup we're talking about.. It looked yummy and I immediately added chilli and a little bit sweet soy sauce into it.. as I tried the soup.. Aaaaaa... I surely need to sprinkle more salt into it and it had no taste of beef broth. I really wondered why on earth some people said this is yummy.. I think my mom's oxtail soup is better than this ones.. really! No kidding.. -,-"
Another disappointment was... the Es Anggrek is not available.. they said it's out of stock.. this made me curious of its taste.. but from the picture in the menu, Es Anggrek looks like es campur.. maybe I'll try it next time. :)

As I spotted a 'gerobak bakso' right in front of RM Anggrek with quite a crowd and even some of its customers ate the bakso inside RM Anggrek which made me even more curious over the bakso! hahaha), I decided to walk out of RM Anggrek and ordered a bowl of bakso with noodles. Well, because the 'yummy' oxtail soup wasn't please me so I rather try other food. Here it goes:
Frankly speaking, the bakso was much better than the oxtail soup, the soup was much tastier and I could tell that the main 'actor' (the bakso of course) were made of real beef meat. Moreover, even my mom said that we actually should just eat this than the one on top but we'll never know till we tried right? :p
And this one is my sister's choice when we were eating in RM Anggrek.. the only review I got for this was.... I could even made it by myself and maybe it would taste better.. ;p

Price: 16K - 50K
Location: Jl. Mayor Syafrie Rachman 3, Telp: 0717 421436.

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