Monday, March 12, 2012

Warung Es Ayong, Bangka Part I

Last weekend, my family and I were decided to visit Parai beach in Bangka island for a short weekend getaway. It was our first trip to Bangka, I was very excited as so many people told me that Parai beach is very beautiful and there are many yummy food in Bangka, I simply couldn't wait any longer to start the culinary trip in Bangka..well.. and of course to see the Parai beach too.. hahaha but in this blog I'll only post the review about the food there :p

Here is the first place we visit once we landed in Bangka:

This Warung Es Ayong is very famous in Bangka especially for their Es Kacang Merah, well that's what I heard from many reliable sources. So, once I reached there, I straightaway ordered it and when I tried.. Hmmm... I think I'm deeply in love with it! This is simply the BEST Es Kacang Merah I've ever tried in my whole life.. I'm not being 'lebay' here but it is really yummy.. the shaved ice is very smooth and when it blends with the condensed milk, it's just tasted so perfect *not too sweet* and I think they're mixing it with coconut milk too because there's a little bit taste of savoury.. and the red beans were cooked perfectly, not too soft and hard either. Simply perfect!
Warung Es Ayong is not only serving Es Kacang Merah, there are also Es Kelapa Muda *my mom ordered it and simply just like the ordinary Es Kelapa Muda*, Es campur and Es Jeruk. Well, because my sister and I are in love with its Es Kacang Merah, we decided to eat it again before we leave Bangka :D. If you have any chance to visit Bangka, please do make a visit and try this Es Kacang Merah :p

Price: 8K
Location: Jl. Jelutung, Pangkal Pinang