Thursday, March 22, 2012

Neo Raja Laut Seafood, Bangka

And we finally arrived in Parai, we were amazed by the beautiful view beach they got there.. we spent the day at the resort and when it came to dinner time we decided to go out of the resort and were heading to Neo Raja Laut seafood restaurant. It is the most famous seafood restaurant in Sungailiat area. Located around 10 minutes away from the resort we stayed in. As we reached there, we ordered these:

This is Lempah (kind of the trademark food in Bangka), it has the mix tastes of sour, sweet and hot. There are pineapple slices and cherry tomatoes inside the soup. Kinda unique and I simply love it! Although I mentioned that this tasted sour, sweet and hot but it doesn't taste like tom yum. Anyway, we can choose what kind of fish we wanted, for this time I chose Stingray. Once I ate it, I really love the taste of the soup and of course the Stingray as well, the meat is really soft. I think this one is a must order food if you're visiting Neo Raja Laut :)
Cumi Masak Asam

This one is cumi masak asam, I was curious with this menu and I wondered how it would taste, so I decided to order this. As soon as it reached our table, I was kinda shocked that the squid is considered big and they did not cut it into slices (as you can see from the picture). Well.. it looked tempting though! Without any hesitations, I took a bite to try it.. and yes! it was super yummy! the squids were cooked perfectly and the sauce tasted a little bit sour and the savory taste more like oyster sauce (the combination of it?) hahaha.. I love this one especially when you eat it with hot rice.. yummm.. slurppp..
Black Pepper Crabs
I'm sure everyone of you knows what this is... Yup, it's Kepiting Lada Hitam.. very ordinary choice of menu if you're in a seafood restaurant I guess. At first, I wanted to order Kepiting Angciu as I've never heard of it before but my mom insisted to order Kepiting Lada Hitam.. oh well.. what can I do?. Sadly, I agreed with her choice.. although actually I was curious to try the Kepiting Angciu. I was actually about to keep ordering Kepiting Angciu beside Kepiting Lada Hitam but remembering that my tummy is still full as the effect of the culinary trip since morning till afternoon so I took back my intention.
Anyway, for me the taste of this menu was similar like any other Kepiting Lada Hitam in every seafood restaurant. There was no big difference, I was quite disappointed and still thinking of the Kepiting Angciu.. probably it would taste better.. hahahaha maybe I'll try it if I visit Bangka again :p
This one was our last menu we ordered that time, there were only four of us and we thought that we wouldn't be able to finish it if we order any other menus. Yup, the one in the picture was Puyunghai, there was no sauce on top of it as I asked to put it in a bowl so that the Puyunghai would stay crispy :) Honestly, this one was more to a no for me.. nothing really stood out.. quite regretted that we ordered this one, should just order other meal.

Overall, it was okay to dine here but in my opinion for seafood.. I'd still prefer Saung Grenville. But still.. if you're in Sungailiat, Neo Raja Laut Seafood is worth to try! :)

Price: 20K - 160K
Location: Jl. Kapten Sulaiman No.09, Bangka

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