Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Otak-otak Amui, Bangka Part III

Well, our culinary trip did not stop till Bakmi Asu, we continued again to the next destination before heading to Parai beach (1hour away from Bangka city), yes! it's time for otak-otak Amui. From the info I got, many people said that this place is a must visit one if you're in Bangka. So, with my full curiousity, I was so excited to try it even with quite a full stomach after eating Es Kacang Merah and Bakmi Asu --"

So here we go, it's time to review otak-otak Amui:
 Yes, those are the pics of the famous otak-otak Amui, for me it's considered very small compared to the usual otak-otak size available in Jakarta. Approximately its only 5cm length and what made it different with the one in Jakarta is that its sauce. Usually, we eat otak-otak in Jakarta with peanut chilli sauce but in Bangka they use some kind like chilli mixed with 'terasi' and garlic and it isn't as thick as peanut chilli sauce (as you can see from the pic). As for the otak-otak itself when I tried it, I was quite disappointed because the reviews I heard about it was so overrated. It wasn't as yummy as I've expected, it's hard to chew and I couldn't feel the taste of the fish. Moreover, the sauce also did not impress me at all, nothing is really special about this and even I think there are so much more tastier otak-otak available in Jakarta. After trying the otak-otak, they also served fishcake or it's also known as empek-empek but this one is not like the usual ones because it is steamed not fried. Like this:
The first thought that came into my mind was....Well, this is a good option for a healthier way to eat empek-empek, not oily and less fattening :p. For this, we also had to eat with the same sauce like I used to eat the otak-otak. Hmmm.. for me, I think these steamed empek-empek didn't taste really good as well. It's too soft which actually empek-empek should be chewy. Another disappointment :(
And here's last thing to try in otak-otak Amui: 
These are Empiang and Yam balls, we used the same sauce to eat this as well. For these ones, I think it was just okay, nothing really stood out. It's quite hard to chew because I think they fried it long before they have any orders which made it not crispy. Nothing more I could say about these ones... In conclusion, I was quite disappointed with the overall taste of otak-otak Amui because I thought if it is a very well-known place to eat in Bangka, it's supposed to serve delicious food. Well... or maybe is it just me who has this thoughts..?? :p
But to answer your curiosity, you might visit it if you're in Bangka because even I did not really satisfied with its taste, there are still many people buy this otak-otak to bring it to Jakarta.. :)

Price: 1.5K - 2K
Location: Jl. Melintas No.23

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