Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bakso Total Solo

This place is located at the corner of Mangga Besar road near Bakso Akiaw, I was around there to buy roti Henis at lunch time with my colleagues. At first, we'd like to eat Bakso Akiaw but it was still closed so we decided to eat whatever around there. And here we are.. we spotted a place called Bakso Total Solo which was quite crowded at that time, made us even curious to try it. So, as we entered we ordered bakso campur which includes:
When it was served on our table, the first thing came to my mind was that... "well.. this is similar with the very famous Bakso Jawir" but when I tried it, I'd say I prefer this than Bakso Jawir. Why?? because I think the smell of the beef is not as strong as in Bakso Jawir. After finish eating a portion of bakso campur here, there was no smell of beef left in my mouth which I love it so much. Moreover, as I looked around, I just read that they are serving Bakso Rusuk which makes me really curious of how it would taste.. I think I'm going to try it on my second time to visit here :)

Price: 12K- 21K
Location: Corner of Mangga Besar Rd (Near the traffic light)

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