Friday, March 9, 2012

Hong Kong Cafe

Right after having dinner, we were craving for something sweet as we were in Central Park, we decided to visit Hong Kong Cafe to grab some sweet stuff. I love the place here, it's very comfy and the ambience is relaxing. Well, after we saw the menus, here are the things we ordered:
Mango Paradise

This is Mango Paradise, this is perfect for all the Mango lovers out there.. as it's all about Mango.. Nothing else! As you can see from the photo, it's Mango Pudding with Mango ice cream, Mango puree, Mango cubes and little bit of whipped cream in between the ice cream and the pudding. For me, two thumbs up for this one! The Mango puree is not too sweet which makes a perfect blend with the ice cream and the pudding itself. Should try it if you have the chance to visit Hong Kong Cafe in Central Park or the one opposite Sarinah :)

Cheese Rolls

 The second one is Cheese Rolls, I saw it inside the display chiller and it's actually one whole loaf but I asked the waiter to cut it into slices so we all can share it :)
When the first bite of this Cheese Rolls came into my mouth.. hmm... nothing really stood out. Well, actually I think it was quite okay, the texture of the sponge cake was very smooth but because they put it inside the display chiller so the sponge cake became quite hard, only the grated cheese inside which made me want to continue eating it. hahaha..

Black Sesame & Green Tea Macaroons
And here we go.. time for some macaroons.. At that time, there were only Black Sesame, Green Tea and Chocolate flavours left and because we thought Chocolate is too ordinary so we ordered the Black Sesame and the Green Tea instead. In my opinion, the macaroon in Hong Kong Cafe..hmmm.. I could say it is more to a 'No...'. Well, I think if I come back to Hong Kong Cafe again, I won't order the macaroons again. However, if I have to choose between both flavours, I would say that I prefer the Black Sesame rather than the Green Tea... because I couldn't taste any Green Tea flavour in that Green Tea macaroon.  

Price: 6K - 65K
Location: Hong Kong Cafe
                Central Park, 1st Fl Unit 112 B
                Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28, Jakarta
                (021) 5698-5378

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