Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Rujak Kolam"

This is a must try rujak buah if you're in ITC Mangga Dua. Honestly, I think this is the best rujak buah I've ever tried in my whole life.. For a portion of rujak buah here is 25K, at first I think it's quite expensive for only a plate of rujak buah but after eating it, I realized 25K is very well-worth because the portion is considered huge and there are lots of peanuts as well. I really love it! 

Here is the pic of the "Rujak Kolam":

However, this stall is not only serving rujak buah, but there are other variants menu as well, like gado-gado, sop buntut, somay and etc.. but I've only ever tried their very well-known rujak buah which they usually called it "Rujak Kolam". Well...maybe next time I'll try their other menus :)

Price: 25K
Location: ITC Mangga Dua Lt.3D No. 20/95


  1. waduh aku kuha suka makan ini... kalo ke mangga 2 harus banget makan rujak ini.. manis pedes seger... enak :)

  2. iyaaa.. enak banget ya.. skali coba pasti langsung ketagihan yaa.. hahaha :p