Friday, March 9, 2012

Wagyu Steak

When I passed through Tanjung Duren area, I spotted a restaurant named Wagyu Steak ? (Yes, with a big question mark). I was quiet curious with that restaurant, so my mother and I decided to pull over and had lunch there. When we entered, the first thing came to my mind was..."oh well.. the place isn't like my expectation" why?? it was hot inside (they only turned on a few air cons while actually the place is quite spacious). Well, enough about the place.. it's time to order the food. When I looked at the menus, I was quite surprised with the prices because it could be said very cheap for wagyu steaks (well.. it actually depends on the quality). Other than Wagyu steaks, there are also other menus like chicken steak, prawn steak, gordon blue, chicken katsu and many more. And after scanning through the menu list, my mom and I ordered 2 Wagyu X Steaks (55K), one with Black Pepper sauce and another one with BBQ sauce. Here are the pics:
Wagyu X Steak with Black Pepper Sauce
Wagyu X Steak with BBQ Sauce

When it came to our table, it looked quite tempting and the portion was okay with that price (55K). When we cut and ate the meat, we were surprised it was so tender and juicy. I could say with its price for Wagyu Steak is very worth it, as it tasted good!. However, for the sauce I prefer the Black Pepper than the BBQ sauce as the BBQ is more to sweet taste. As for the fries, we were quite disappointed because it wasn't crispy and it was cold! I think they already fried it long before they have any orders so once they have orders, they just simply put it straightaway on the plate (maybe to save time) but my suggestion is that.. we have to concern about the quality first. They really have to do something about it. Then, for the salad.. hmm... there was nothing special about it. It was more like they just steam the veggies and put little bit of butter on it. Well.. overall with such prices for Wagyu steaks, I would ranked this 7 out of 10 :)

Price: 23K-55K
Location: Jl. Tanjung Duren Barat I, Blok G2 - 20 Jakarta Barat
                Telp. 021 - 5661422

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