Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bakmi Asu, Bangka Part II

After eating the famous Es Kacang Merah we decided to try Bakmi Asu, this is a non-halal place. Bakmi Asu is very well-known not only for their bakmi but also their other menus such as pork innards soup, pangsit rebus and ikan Lempah but I didn't get the chance to try their ikan Lempah, it's SOLD OUT :(

So, we decided to ordered these:
Bakmie Asu
This was the bakmie Bangka with minced chicken meat mixed with fried onions on top as the toppings and it was also served with Jeruk Kunci (almost all types of food in Bangka are served with Jeruk Kunci to replace 'cuka'). So, once it reached my table, I squeezed the Jeruk Kunci all over the bakmie to give a little bit of sour taste and I add the chilli as well... and yeah.. I'm ready to eat it! Well.. I simply love the noodles here, somehow it was different with any other bakmie Bangka I've tried in Jakarta. The noodles and the beansprouts were perfectly boiled and the taste was not too salty either, it blended well with the taste of the Jeruk Kunci and its chilli.
Pork Innards Soup

And here is the Pork Innards Soup, inside it there were pork meat, liver, pork belly and pork vein. The first sip of its soup made me fell in love again and again.. hahaha the pork broth made the soup very tasty and the soup is also mixed with tomatoes and 'emping'. My mom loves this very much that she even want to buy few portions of this soup and bring it to Jakarta.. hahahaha Well, my suggestion if you eat this soup, please DO NOT add any seasonings! Just eat it originally and you'll taste its broth.. super yummy! :D
Pangsit Rebus Soup
We also ordered a portion of Pangsit Rebus and when it came to our table, the Pangsit Rebus Soup was actually mixed with 3 different types of fishcakes. For the Pangsit Rebus itself, I'd say it was not bad but it didn't make me fall in love with it :p. The same reviews goes to those fishcakes as well but the soup I'd say it was similar like the Pork Innards Soup (but Pork Innards Soup is tastier).

It was on Saturday when we ate here, my mom was actually wanted to eat it again on Sunday but too bad it's closed on Sunday. Maybe if we have the chance to visit Bangka again, we'll surely come back again to Bakmi Asu. Overall, Bakmi Asu is such a great place to eat with its great value! :)

Price: 12K - 30K
Location: Jl. Pegadaian No 7 (Pasar Pangkal Pinang), Pangkalan Baru

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