Thursday, March 15, 2012

Warung Kopi Tung Tau, Bangka Part IV

After eating Es Kacang Merah, Bakmi Asu and Otak Otak Amui we were very full and decided to go to Parai beach straightaway which located one hour from Pangkal Pinang. Along the way, with full stomach my fam and I almost fell asleep but not until we spotted a warung kopi named Tung Tau. It is located in Sungailiat (halfway to Parai beach), I heard that this warung kopi is very famous even Pak Bondan ever visited here. From the info I got, the famous one is their Roti Bakar Telur and Roti Bakar Srikaya and of course their coffee selections. Well..without any further notice, we asked the driver to pull over and we ordered these:
Perfect match!
We ordered black coffee with Roti Bakar Telur and Roti Bakar Srikaya Keju, we decided to add cheese into the Srikaya ones because my mom loves cheese. Anyway, the black coffee was so good, it has nice smell and great taste even my mom who really loves coffee said that the coffee tasted great!  
Roti Bakar Telur

 And here is the Roti Bakar Telur which many people said the best ones in Warung Kopi Tung Tau. When it came to our table, we were quite disappointed because it's just roti bakar with hard boiled egg. Nothing else! I was actually expecting that the egg maybe they scrambled it or whatsoever.. but it wasn't. Moreover, because there was nothing else inside the roti bakar besides it was spread with butter and hard boiled egg, so I just add chilli sauce into it and overall it was yummy but too bad the filling with only hard boiled egg makes it very ordinary.
Roti Bakar Srikaya Keju
And this one is Roti Bakar Srikaya Keju, for me this is much better than the egg ones, the Srikaya was spread perfectly and the grated cheese was all over it. Well.. I agreed with my mom that the bread itself is already delicious and maybe because it was still grilled in a traditional way (as you can see the pic below), they still used charcoal to grill it. Well, actually there are still so much more variants of roti bakar but too bad we were too full already so we just ordered the ones we heard are the famous ones.
The way they grill the breads!
Es Teh Tarik
This one is my sister's favourite drink, Es Teh Tarik (Tea with milk), she always order this wherever she goes to a place where there's Teh Tarik. And when she tasted this Es Teh Tarik, she immediately said that this one is the best Es Teh Tarik she ever tried. When I heard that, I just pull her glass to try it as well.. hahaha.. and yes I agreed with her, the taste of the tea and milk blended perfectly. I could smell and taste the flavour of the tea and milk at the same time :)
Overall, even with our very full stomach, we weren't regret to stop by in this legendary warung kopi as I heard it was one of the oldest warung kopi in Bangka island.

Price: 9K-14K
Location: Jl. Mayor Muhidin, Sungailiat


  1. Numpanggg ngilerr dan salam kenal yaa, kopitiam ini mengingatkan g sama Tak Kie di Jakarta. Nostalgic makanan dan minumannya. Btw, are you blogging from Bangka?

  2. salam kenal jg :D wah.. Tak Kie dimana tuh? blm pernah coba.. enak jg yah?? hahaha gw blogging dr Jakarta koq, kmrn ke Bangka only for short holiday.. skalian deh culinary trip disana :p