Friday, July 27, 2012

Dosukoi Ramen, Perth

It's time for ramen now, Mr D told me that Dosukoi Ramen is the best ramen in town. It is located inside Fremantle Market right beside Saint-Honore Macaroon. This stall is really small, the capacity of the stall is only for 15 people so you will have to wait approximately 30-60 minutes to get a seat there. First, when Mr D and I arrived there, we ordered and paid first then they would ask for our phone number and once our seats are available then they will send SMS to your mobile. Anyway, let's see what we got in Dosukoi Ramen...
Chicken Karaage in Soy Sauce Soup

We both ordered Chicken Karaage in Soy Sauce Soup as this is Mr D's favourite choice so I'd like to try it :p. Well, although it didn't look tempting in the picture but I could say that this ramen is really tasty and mild It was served with fried chicken, ear fungus, seaweed, fishcake and chopped spring onions. And the noodle was chewy and not too soft as for noodle I always like it hard. As for the chicken karaage, the meat was tender but too bad it wasn't crispy anymore as they put it inside the soup. Moreover, we also tried their... 

Octopus Takoyaki

Yes! it's tako ball.. I really love takoyaki so I was so excited to try Dosukoi's tako, we ordered octopus tako as it always been my favourite choice for tako. It was served hot with tako sauce, mayo and bonito flakes (I really love bonito flakes, wanted to ask for more but I think the stall was too busy to fulfill my request huhu). Anyway, for the taste of the balls was perfect for my liking as for the inside part was moist, it was savoury. And the best part was that... all those tako balls were filled with lots of baby octopus bits which were chewy (not hard).

Furthermore, Dosukoi ramen is actually serving ramen in 2 different based of soups, miso and soy sauce but Mr D forgot to order one miso and one soy sauce (so that I can try both), instead he ordered both in soy sauce :(

Anyway, I still thank Mr D for bringing me here :D

Fremantle Markets Stall 7
Fremantle, WA
04 1285 5663

Price: $ 6 - $ 11 per meal

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  1. Take me to Perth please. . . . . .
    They are all look savory!!!