Monday, July 23, 2012

Dragon Palace, Perth

On the second day, we went to Dragon Palace in Northbridge area to have our breakfast and it's time for Dim Sum! yeayyy... I always love dim sum! And this time Mr D brought me to Dragon Palace (his favourite place for dim sum).. Lucky enough when we arrived, we spotted an empty table in the corner, so we straightaway sat there. Usually during weekend, this restaurant always full and we have to queue for a table for quite a long time. Well.. let's see what we had for our breakfast.. :D
I guess hakaw is a must order dish whenever I'm having dim sum, without it I felt like I wasn't having dim sum..I like hakaw yet it is not my favourite dish. However, I love the hakaw here because the prawns were huge and very fresh. Tasted so perfect when I dipped it into the chilli oil. Yum!
Prawn & Fish Roe Siu Mai
 I love Siu Mai more than Hakaw and this Prawn & Fish Roe Siu Mai really made my day. Just like the prawns in Hakaw, they were huge and very fresh. It was served hot and very well-cooked. Love it!
Chicken Feet in Spicy Sauce
This is my all time favourite dish whenever I eat dim sum, what surprised me was the chicken feet size.. it was huge, never seen a chicken feet with that kind of size. Well, the fact that the chicken feet was huge is actually made me even happier because I could feel satisfied enough even if I only got a piece of it! hihihi (unlike the chicken feet in Indonesia, I won't be enough of eating only a piece of it, too small!) as for the sauce, it tasted sweet and spicy, simply perfect to my liking.
Steamed Spare Ribs
For this one, I think it was just okay. It was tender and tasty but too oily for me. Nothing more. 
Rice Flour Rolls with Youtiao
I like this one, the rice flour was very soft while the Youtiao (cakwe) was crispy so it made a perfect combination especially when we poured the soy sauce on top of it.Yum!
Chilli Pepper Fried Squid
Supposed to be very yummy, Mr D said. But too bad this time the fried squid was already soggy when it came to our table and the squid also very hard to chew.. Kinda disappointed! :(

Well.. now then I realized that I forgot to take pic of the Charsiew Pao!! Maybe I was too excited to eat the Charsiew Pao. And the Charsiew Pao here was also nice, it was soft and they put generous amount of chopped Charsiew as the filling. 

Location: 66 Francis St Northbridge
                 9228 2888

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