Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Ciao Italia, Perth

Never say you have been to Perth if you haven't try Ciao Italia! Well, I think Ciao Italia is the star while I was in Perth. This casual restaurant runs by real Italian family, they are serving the best home style Italian cuisine I've ever tried. Other than pasta, they also have woodfired gourmet pizzas and awesome desserts. 
Seafood Pizza
This woodfired seafood pizza was served hot and they came in a thin base pizza. I liked the fact that they used fresh seafood and tasty mozzarella cheese. One slice of it won't be enough because you will be craving for more.
Fettucini Ciao Italia

This pasta was really really tasty, I really loveeeed it!! This definitely would be my all time favourite pasta ever! It was served with a chicken and sun dried tomato. It came in a big portion, great for two. Other than the cream which was so heavenly tasty, the fettucini was al dente, it was homemade as well. (writing this right now really makes me drooling over it.. T_T)
The chilli
Yes! we ate the pasta and the pizza with this chilli, I wondered how it tastes and surprisingly it was really spicy and perfect for the pasta and the pizza as well. This big bowl of chilli must be shared with other customers so take as much as you want because the waiter could anytime take the chilli and bring it to other tables. 

After eating the big portion of fettucini and a huge pan of pizza (we didn't manage to finish the pizza, half of the pan we took away :p) , Mr D and I still (always) had space for a dessert especially for the Tiramisu here. Mr D told me that Ciao Italia has the best in Tiramisu ever.. like the BEST! so we ordered one for share...
Okay.. It really is the BEST Tiramisu ever, the mascarpone cheese was so smooth and tasteful blended well the sponge fingers in the middle which dipped in coffee... simply the yummiest Tiramisu ever, I want more more and more please..! 

Please remember it is always better to come here before it opens (Tuesday - Saturday, 5pm to 10pm), if not you will have to wait minimal one hour to get a table here. No kidding. 

The outside view
Oh I forgot to mention about the service.. the service here is always been great (Mr D said) and I did experience it while I was there. One of the Italian waiter amazingly spoke in Indonesian and asked me "apa kabar?" and "where do you live in Jakarta? near Blok M?"... Yeah he knew Blok M hahaha.. he said that his friend used to live around Blok M. Moreover, all of the waiters there are so friendly and love to smile. Love it! Ciao Italia definitely will always be my number one destination if I go to Perth again :D

Location: 273 Mill Point Rd
                South Perth 6151 WA

Price: Mains >$18.50-$27.50
          Dessert> $5.50-$8.50

No reservation available.


  1. you have successfully made me crave for those food you posted! I want some of thattt.. Post moreee!!!

  2. thank you for visiting my blog.. don't worry there are much more to come about the food in Perth and Jakarta as well! stay tune... :D