Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Cheesecake Shop, Perth

After eating fish head , Mr D and I went to Cheesecake Shop to buy a birthday cake for Mr D's friend. I was so amazed once I entered the shop, there are so many selections of cheesecakes and a few selections of sponge cake and quiches. All of them were so tempting, it's like I want to try it all..!! :p
The cakes!
Mr D told me that there are not many cake shops in Perth so he usually always buy birthday cakes here and his favorite one is the Gold Caramel Mudcake but at that time he wanted to buy something else. And he chose to buy the Caramel Continental Cheesecake.
Caramel Continental Cheesecake (AUD$ 24.95)

 I could tell, it looked so yummy but when I tried it during Mr D's friend's birthday, it was disappointing! It was too creamy till it was so hard to cut into slices and the base was just ordinary biscuit crumbs. Nothing really stood out. Moreover, the cheese cream was too sour and I couldn't taste the caramel.. I think they should change the name of Caramel Continental Cheesecake to Lemon Continental Cheesecake. Well, while looking at those cakes available there, I spotted a tiny Continental Profiteroles. It looked like this:
Continental Profiterole (AUD$ 1.95/each)
Although I was so full, but a tiny profiteroles shared with Mr D looked perfect for our dessert hihihi. For this one, I liked it... it was filled with original cheese cream (for this one not too sour) and oreo crumbs on top. It is great as the companion during afternoon tea.

Locations: around whole Australia 
                (easy to find as there are quite many stores available around Perth)


  1. Ellen! Finally back to blogging, it's been too long! Okay, here are a few questions:
    1. Who is Mr. D? Hehehe...okay, just kidding =P
    2. How could you leave this shop and still sane enough to write this post? I'd be drooling all over my keyboard and spoil it already! Cheesecakes are just so yummy =)

  2. Hi Ellyna! How are you? :D
    Mr D is my culinary guide while I was in Perth..hahahahaha yeah I know.. couldn't resist to try all of them.. how I wish I could eat them all without getting fat!! hahahaha