Thursday, July 26, 2012

Maison Saint - Honore Macaroon, Perth

This time we were heading Fremantle area for our culinary trip. There are a few places we would like to visit. Let's begin here...
All flavours
It was 10.30 am when we reached Fremantle Market or people usually called it as Freo. It was a busy market I could tell. Unlike any usual market, Freo Market is clean and neat. There are so many various shops which selling souvenirs, unique stuff, nuts, fruits and a lot of food as well. So, Mr D and I began to try these macaroons which located just right beside Dosukoi Ramen. In the morning, you still could get all the flavors but at noon I'm sure you would only get one or two flavors left. Anyway, among all the flavours, I bought only four flavors as I was going to eat ramen and fish & chips as well so I had to left some space in my tummy.. hehehe 

Pink (Rose), Green (Pistachio), Yellow (Manggo), Brown (Mocca)
Honestly, it was so hard to decide which one I want because it's like I wanna try it all. But, I had to choose among all of it and finally my choice were those fours in the picture. 

In my opinion, I liked the rose flavour, it had a really nice smell as for the texture it was crispy outside and chewy inside. Overall, I liked it but for me it was a little bit too sweet.
Mocca flavor
In this picture, it looked like green but actually it was brown, the mocca flavour. I prefer this one than rose because it wasn't as sweet as the rose flavour. Moreover, as for the pistachio and mango, both of them had nice smells but kinda too sweet for me as well. So I concluded that my fav one is Mocca :D

Location: 76th south terrace
                Fremantle Market

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