Saturday, August 11, 2012

Big Bowl, Perth

Well, I still got quite a number of food reviews while I was in Perth.. I guess I need to rush to post it all.. hahaha it was time for dinner and it was freezing outside, I was thinking of having a bowl of hot soup for dinner. Then, Mr D came out with the idea of having Pho (Vietnamese Noodle soup) but too bad when we reached the place, it was closed! So, Mr D suggested me to try Big Bowl instead (just opposite ToTo - the Vietnamese Noodle Bar-). Big Bowl is more to Taiwanese restaurant which serving noodles, kwetiau and rice. They got an unusual noodle which made from oat and they have thin and thick noodles. All of the noodles here are homemade, "it was light and healthy", Mr D said. As we scanned through the menu, we ordered...
Beef Noodle Soup
This Beef Noodle Soup came in a big portion, but for me, I just love the beef, it was tender and fragrant. While the taste of the soup, almost tasteless or too soft I would say.. I need to put soy sauce, chilli and pepper and too bad the noodle was also too soft for me. Overall, I just love the beef :)
Chicken Mushroom Baked Noodle
This was Mr D's choice.. it was served really hot and the mozzarella cheese on top looked so tempting that it was melted all over the noodles. It was great that we both ordered two different food, so we could try two food at the same time. hehe. For this dish, it wasn't overly cheesy nor creamy which I thought it was great to be that way, however, just like the Beef Noodle Soup, the taste was too soft for me, you need to spice it up.

Overall, it was good to dine here but maybe if I have the chance to visit Victoria Park area again, I'd like to try ToTo which serving Pho (the Vietnamese noodle soup) :)

884 Albany Hwy
East Victoria Park, WA 6101

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