Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Koko Black, Perth

After finish trying the food in Fremantle Market, we moved to Claremont, it's a shopping center. Mr D brought me to Koko Black, a chocolate salon. Koko black is located in several areas in Australia, in Melbourne they have several shops but during my time in Melbourne, I used to go to Max Brenner more often than Koko Black. Well.. let's just see what Mr D and I were having during the cold weather... :)

Yes.. it's all about chocolate.. as for the drinks we ordered, Koko Black Hot Belgium Chocolate and Soy Hot Chocolate while for the food, we ordered Chocolate Platter which consists varieties of chocolates like ice cream chocolate with choco crisps, chocolate mousse, chocolate brownie, chocolate fruit crisps and two chocolate pralines. My favourite one would be the chocolate mousse, it wasn't thick and too sweet. The rest were just ordinary. As for the drinks, I love both of them, the soy tasted lighter than the Belgium chocolate and less sweet as well. Before we finished everything, the waiter gave me free sample of Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Balls.
I love it, ended up I brought a bag of it. The dark chocolate ball coated with chocolate powder, the best part was the hazelnut! it was so crunchy. Loveee it! :D
Overall, I like Koko Black, such a great escape for a chocolate lover.

Claremont Quarter, 23 St Quentin Avenue
Contact 08 9284 2049

Monday 9am – 6pm
Tuesday to Thursday 9am-10pm
Friday 9am-11pm
Saturday 9am-11pm
Sunday 10.30am-6pm