Saturday, August 11, 2012

Zushibento, Perth

It was on Tuesday, that my cousin and a friend of us decided to have window shopping in Garden City while waiting for Mr D to go back from work. Around 12 pm, we arrived in Garden City, it was quite packed as that day was the first day of school holiday. There were many parents wandered around with their children around the shopping center, while the three of us were looking for food for lunch since we hadn't had breakfast yet. Came to a conclusion that we'd like to eat Zushi Bento, it's a Japanese fast food. There were lots of assorted sushi, bento and udon. For me I ordered... 
Chicken Udon Soup
Yup.. another noodle soup for me as it was very cold in Perth so I had always been craving for a bowl of hot soup. haha. This Chicken Udon Soup tasted great... I think overall taste was more to sweet flavour and I like the fact that the udon was not too soft, it was chewy. As for the chicken, it was fried and the meat was tender and tasty. While my cousin, Miss S, ordered:
Assorted Sushi
This was sure a great sushi meal, the sashimi were very fresh and all tasted yummy especially when you dipped it into soy sauce mixed with wasabi.. yummm.. :D
The third dish which Mrs A ordered was Fish Teriyaki Bento, but I didn't take the pic of it nor try it.. *as I just knew Miss A for a short time, so at that time I felt hesitate to take pic of her food. hahaha* anyway Mrs A said it was good. :)

125 Risely Street
Booragoon, WA 6154

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