Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Left Bank, Perth

On the next day, we were having breakfast on the other side of Fremantle, it is located on the banks of the beautiful Swan River. The place is called The Left Bank, it's a bar, cafe and restaurant positioned on the shores of the river. This place is one of Mr D's favourite place to have breakkie, he loves the atmospheres and the food there and apparently, it becomes OUR favourite place to dine :)  
Big Breakfast!
Yes! It really was a BIG breakfast, please just forget about calories and just simply enjoy it! hahaha I love their big breakfast, especially the toasts and the bacons.The toasts were crispy yet chewy as well, it became heavenly yummy when you spread it with the butter. As for the bacon, I love it because the fats were thin and it was dried (not oily), it was tasty. Honestly, I love having breakfast here, not only they have a great place but also they got great food too! 

The Left Bank Bar Cafe Restaurant,
15 Riverside Road, East Fremantle
Phone: (08) 9319 1136


  1. Post moreeeeeee!!!!
    It all look tasty and tempting. .

  2. just wait for the upcoming posts.. be ready! :p