Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dago Heuvel, Bandung

Another weekend in Bandung, my friend who stayed there recommend a new place to eat ANGSA.. yes, it's different from duck! She said the angsa meat is really soft and the most recommended menu is the Angsa Cabe Ijo. So, as I was so curious about it so we're heading to Dago Heuvel, it's located in Dago atas, almost at the end of the road of Dago atas. The place is so windy as it is surrounded by many trees, such a nice place but when we came there, we're the only one who dine there... probably because it's still 12pm, I think more people come at night. Anyway, when we got there, we ordered Angsa Cabe Ijo and also Angsa Madu.

At a glance it looks like chicken but it is not, it's Angsa!! and yeah... when I tried it, the meat is superbly soft, I would say this is better than chicken. Compared to Angsa Madu, I prefer the Cabe Ijo as the Angsa Madu isn't taste like honey, it's more like deep-fried angsa with sweet soy sauce. While the Cabe Ijo more delicious yet too oily. Well, overall it was okay to eat here, but I wish there are many more tempting type of Angsa dishes to be served :)

Price: 20K-60K
Address: Jl. Ciburial Indah No.45
              Dago Pakar-Bandung

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