Saturday, November 26, 2011

Bakmi Naripan, Bandung

Another day in was time for lunch and we decided to eat Bakmie Naripan.Well, who doesn't know Bakmi Naripan anyway?! all the bakmi lovers should have known this place.. I've been there twice and still will come back there again if I go to Bandung :p
Anyway.. speaking of bakmi.. I just knew that in Bandung there are two types of bakmi.. it's either sweet or the salty ones. At first, I wondered how the sweet ones would taste, as in Jakarta almost all bakmi are the salty type. So in order to break my curiosity, as usual, we ordered both types and also another one bowl of bakmi with grated cheese on top. We also ordered the side dishes such as baso, pangsit rebus and the legendary baso goreng! 

As soon as all the orders were served on our table, we asked for empty bowls because we were sharing all the food. And while waiting for the empty bowls, I couldn't resist myself from taking the baso goreng! :p Immediately, I took half of it *as it was cut into half* and dipped it into the chili sauce, it's so yummyyy yet it's a bit too salty for me..*beware of the chili sauce, it's really spicy. Then, dipping the baso goreng into the soup is simply another way to enjoy that legendary baso goreng, it became soft and very should try it.. :D
Hmm..Okay.. enough talking about the baso goreng, now it's the time to review the bakmie. My first choice was to try the one with grated cheese on top, well it caught my eyes since it landed on our table :p 

As I ate it, I think the bakmi was perfectly cooked, the minced beef was okay and the taste of the cheese blended well with the noodle. It made the noodle taste even more delicious. Moreover, after trying the one with cheese, I tried the sweet and the salty ones. I was surprised that the sweet ones turned out to be yummier than the salty ones because in my opinion, the flavor of the salty ones wasn't strong enough so you'll have to add more seasonings into it, but still worth to try though... And now speaking of the pangsit rebus and the meatballs, I like it all but nothing really stood out, it similar with any other pangsit rebus and baso. Overall, I'm definitely will come back again to Bakmi Naripan as I love the taste of the sweet noodle, baso goreng and their spicy chili sauce! :p

Price: 20K-40K
Address: Jl. Naripan 
              (round the corner of Jl. Sunda and Jl. Naripan)

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