Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hot Station

If you're craving for Penang food, Malay food or Singapore's food then Hot Station is the right place to dine! It serves many variants of those listed types of food and drinks.. such as Pratas, Nasi Briyani, Char Kway Teow, Popiah, Curry Puffs, Laksa, Teh tarik, Barley and many more..It was at around 7pm and I was stuck in a traffic with my sister.. rather than beingbored inside the car, we decided to stop by the Hot Station to have some 'light' food..'light' because we didn't want to order any rice or noodles menus hahahaha...
Well, this place is actually my sister's favorite place to eat prata as you can find so many types of prata here, whether you want it sweet or savoury, Hot Station has it all!
Just so you know guys... when my sister was pregnant, almost everyday she's craving for the Pratas and the Teh Tarik here, she could even came to Hot Station in the middle of the night!! hahahaha...
 Anyway... our favourite is always been the 'Prata kosong' with its curry, it tastes just so perfect for us and for the drink of course we ordered Teh Tarik (tea with milk). We have a random habit that we always add sugar on top of the Prata as it gives little sweetness when it blends with the curry, we both simply love it. Hmm.. you should try it yourself and you'll know how great it would taste...! :p
After eating this, I was still want to order something and my choice was Popiah, with the consideration of less fattening.. well... because it's steamed and contained just veggies inside.. hahaha
There it goes.. the Poppiah was well served to our table, it looked tempting yet when I tried it...hmmm.. very disappointing. It's just tasteless and the skin of the Poppiah I think is too thick and I wondered why they put grated peanuts on top of it.. I don't think it's the perfect topping for Poppiah. 
In conclusion, Hot Station is a nice place to dine if you're craving for Penang food, I've tried some of their other menus (Char Kway Teow, Mee Goreng, Omelette Fried Rice and Mini Curry Puffs) but didn't have the chance to take the pic because at that time I wasn't planning to make a food blog like this :p

Price: 20K-60K
Address: Pluit Karang Niaga Blok Z 4 No.20
              Jakarta Utara

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