Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sate Kambing Mawardi, Puncak

My family decided to spend the weekend in Puncak, it was cold at that time so my cousin suggested to eat sate kambing in Mawardi. Honestly, I've never try it as usually I always eat sate kambing in Shinta, so I was pretty excited to try the Mawardi. When we reached there, all tables were taken so we had to wait like 15mins to get a table there. All of us were starving so we decided to order first so when we get the tables, our food is ready to be served.. hehehe.. 

We ordered sate kambing, sate ayam and sop kambing. The sate kambing was good, but because I'm not a big fan of kambing so I prefer to eat the sate chicken. However, I tried the sop kambing as well, I think the sop kambing in Shinta is much better, because the soup is not hot enough and there are so many fats in the meat, as you can see from the pic. And for the soup is not salty enough *for me* so I had to add more spices into it again. I added salt, pepper, lime and sambel. Hmmm... overall I prefer Shinta than Mawardi, I wonder is it all because at that moment is too crowded so they can't serve the food properly or it is actually isn't as yummy as Shinta.. 

Address: Along the road before Padangsati
             On the left-hand side
             (Not sure of the exact address, sorry :p) 

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