Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mie Kangkung Bu Joko

Who would have thought a fully covered house garage is actually selling the most delicious Mie Kangkung in town??! Yup... it's a garage fully covered by the wall with a small entrance, the first time I went there, I've never thought that the inside would be filled with so many people. It was a lunch trip with my friends, we quickly grab a table once we spotted an empty table and as we were starving, we immediately ordered the famous Mie Kangkung (but I change the noodle to vermicelli), Ketoprak and es Mangga as the drink. 
 It was pretty quick for the orders to be served on our table even there were so many people there. Oh.. I just couldn't resist any longer to start eating the Bihun Kangkung and the Ketoprak! For me, these two are really worth to die for.. really.. no kidding! 
The taste of the soup of Mie Kangkung is very well seasoned but for better taste, I'd say we must add jeruk limo into it and the chilly of course. And the same review goes to the Ketoprak as well.. in my opinion, this Ketoprak is the best Ketoprak I've ever eaten in my whole life.. a really must try! 
Moreover, if you're planning to dine here, please come earlier to buy the Pastel there cause so many people said that it's really yummy but for several times I go there, I never have the chance to buy it.. always sold out!

Price: 10K-30K
Address: Jl. Pluit Karang Molek , Pluit - Jakarta Utara
              (Belok kiri setelah Bank Danamon muara karang,
               gang-nya tepat di seberang apotik K-24)


  1. this one is just steps away from my house hehe try their ketoprak, altho a bit expensive but it's yummy.

    the pastel is good. i recommend the krupuk mie :)

  2. Hi Aris.. yes.. so true!! the krupuk mie is also superbly yummy.. can't get enough of it hahahaha oh well.. posting this comment makes me hungry now.. hmmm...

  3. Bu Joko kan rujaknya juga enak. Yg deket KPS kan?hihi

  4. Btw, Bu Jok buka weekend ga sih? Pengen nih. Tp skrg cuma bisa weekend doank ke sananya. :(

  5. Bu Joko weekend buka koq sampe jem 4-5 sore gtu.. :D iya rujak buahnya enak jg tapi sih klo untuk rujak buah menurut ak yang paling juara itu rujak kolam di mangdu :D