Tuesday, November 22, 2011


It's time for Goemon, me and my friends were decided to have dinner here.. so let's give it a try!
When we arrived there, I just simply love the place, it made me feel like I was eating in Japan as the guests there were mostly Japanese. There are 'tatami' as well so we chose to sit there. As soon as we sat, the waitress approached us and gave us the menu. Honestly, as I looked at the menus, I was confused as I love most of the choices there! hahaha so what we do is that.. one person order one menu and we'll share it so we can try it all.. well that's fair enough! :p 

Here's the set menus.. we can get a mini bowl of udon, another mini bowl of rice  set & also the salad.. we can choose from quite a wide varieties of selections for the udon and rice set... *the mini bowl isn't too small, very recommended to order the set menus for those the dilemma people when see the menus in a resto hahaha..*

The menu set was my choice, when it was served, it looked really tempting so immediately I took a bite to try the rice set menu and the udon.. and wow it turned out really yummy, the beef meat is simply tender and juicy with the Teriyaki sauce , it tastes perfect. Also, the same review goes to the udon as it is chewy (as I love it to be) and the taste of the soup was just perfect for me, however, I did not really satisfied with the topping as it was just like the ordinary chicken Karagee dipped into the soup, so it wasn't taste special at all...*should choose other variants for the topping*


Here's what one of my friends ordered, Gindara Steak. It comes with a bowl of rice as well, as it was served to our table, we tried it immediately and yeah.. the taste was simply authentic. The sauce is more to salty taste yet it's perfect to be eaten with rice. The Gindara meat was soft and quite thick. I would rank this is 8 out of 10 :)


That's Pork Katsu Curry rice, well for those of you who do not eat pork, there is Chicken Katsu Curry rice as well :)
When it first came to our table, frankly speaking it looks ordinary for me but I realized the quote which saying "don't judge a book by its cover" is really true... hahahaha the first bite of the pork katsu mixed with the curry sauce was perfect. The pork meat is tender and the coated was crispy and it tastes perfect when it blends with the curry sauce. Must try! :)


We also ordered the Okonomiyaki there, as what I remembered there are two choices of Okonomiyaki, with and without noodles. As my friends and I had ordered those menus with rice and udon so we decided to order the Okonomiyaki without noodles, for me this Okonomiyaki was okay. Not so bad. 

Yup, that's Tori Karagee, I would say this isn't just an ordinary Tori Karagee as I fell in love at the first bite of it. Other than it's really crispy, it smells really good and don't forget to squeeze the lime on top of it :D

Yup, we also ordered a few variants of Yakitori, we ordered Minced Meat balls, Asparagus Bacon and also the Beef Tounge. Among all, I love the Beef Tounge most but this Yakitori must be eaten while it's hot or it becomes hard to chew. Well, these were all the menus we ordered, I'll definitely come back to dine here :p

Price: 20K - 90K
Address: Wisma Kyoei Prince, Level 3 
              Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 3-4, Jakarta
              021- 5723343
              (Should make reservation during weekend)

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