Thursday, November 24, 2011

Plate For Me, Bandung

It was a Saturday's night in Bandung again, after spending almost all day long in my friend's house, we decided to go to Riau area for dinner. We're excited to try a new place called 'Plate for me', from outside the place looked quiet at that time. But when I entered the place, almost all seats were occupied. The decoration is obviously similar with the name of this cafe, it relates with plates, almost all the walls are covered with plates. Very unique and creative.Then as I went further inside the place, there are more seats with different ambience, it's more like a small garden. There are trees around the tables and visitors are free to smoke here. Well, as my friends and I aren't smokers so we chose to seat inside.
As we looked through the menus, we decide to order 'light' food as we were planning to go for another place to eat again :p

And yes.. we ordered Tortilla Beef, Pizza and Crepes.. for me, I love the meat inside the Tortilla Beef, the meat was so tender and well seasoned, the Tortilla itself became tastier when you dip it into the sauce. And for the Pizza, I love that the base is thin and a bit crunchy, the BBQ sauce as the base made it even yummier... it tastes so perfect when you bite it and the taste of the Mozzarella cheese just simply burst into your mouth. Then for the Crepes, I wasn't satisfied with it  because it's just too thin and nothing really stood out. The ice cream totally similar with the ordinary vanilla ice cream, I don't recommend this at all. 
Overall, Plate For Me is a good place to hang out and most probably I'll come back again to try their other menus :p

Price: 20K-100K
Address: Jl. Riau 172, Bandung
              Bandung , Jawa Barat
              Phone: 0227275749

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