Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bubur ayam bang Tatang

Let's get started with this famous bubur ayam bang Tatang, it's located in Rawa Belong, Palmerah.. I wonder what's so special about it as the place is very small yet always crowded... even that my mom and aunties always craving for this bubur ayam since they were teenagers! 

Okay... let's give it a try... when I came to the place with my family, it was still quite empty, so we sat there and order the bubur ayam and... WOW! when it was served right in front of my eyes, I was surprised. It is such a BIG portion of bubur ayam, bang Tatang give a very generous portion of chicken, well.. I could say more than generous as I can't even stir my porridge! *the chicken went out of my bowl when I tried to stir it..hahaha* hmmm... I even asked for an empty bowl to split my 'emping' into that empty bowl so I can stir my bubur ayam..! :p

At first I thought this bubur ayam is similar with the ordinary ones but I was wrong... This bubur ayam is really yummy, the chicken is very tender and the taste is simply delicious.. I could say this is a must try bubur ayam!

Here's the pic of bubur ayam bang Tatang:

Bubur ayam bang Tatang starts operate at 6PM until whenever it's sold out! 
My suggestion if you guys wanna try this, you should come as early as possible so you can grab a seat to enjoy this yummy bubur ayam. 

Price: 18K
Address: Jl. Palmerah Barat No. 99, Kebayoran Lama
              (Di pertigaan Rawa Belong -  Palmerah)

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