Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Katsu Sei

It's time for Katsu Sei, as we can see from the name... it's all about katsu! There are wide varieties of katsu from chicken, pork, salmon, dori until seafood katsu. Set menus are available, complete with the soup and salad. 

The first pic is the Chicken Katsu-nabe set, it was incredibly super yummy!! The chicken meat is thick and tender and it is perfectly coated with the crunchy breadcrumps, it becomes tastier with the eggs poured on top of it. This dish is heavenly delicious, definitely a must try dish when you visit Katsu Sei. Other than the super delicious Chicken Katsu-nabe, the Pork Katsu is also yummy especially when you dipped it into the special sauces which are served in every table in Katsu Sei mixed with the sesame seeds, but still.. I prefer the Chicken Katsu-nabe, as I love the eggs :p

Then, besides the katsu menus, we also ordered the Chicken Cheese Rolls and the Calamary. Inside the Chicken Cheese Rolls there is melted Mozzarella cheese and bacon which gives the perfect blend of its taste. For the Calamary itself, in my opinion it's similar with any other calamaries, nothing special about it. 

Overall, it's a nice place to eat, but only if you are definitely not on a diet, as most of the food there are deep-fried.. or maybe this is what we all called 'guilty pleasures' hahahahaha  :p

Price: 100K - 300K
Grand Indonesia, East Mall 
Garden District 2, Level 5 #16, Jakarta.
T: (021) 23580060 
Plaza Indonesia, L1 #E19-19A
T: (021) 29923560


  1. i've been longing to try katsusei, but haven't got the chance yet. deep fried katsus are totally my thing :)
    just stumbled on your blog, salam kenal :)

  2. Hi Irene, yup.. you should try their Katsu, all of the Katsu there come with very good quality of meats and extremely crispy..
    *if you have the chance to try it.. I recommend you to order the Chicken Katsu-nabe, its amust! :p