Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Grasshopper Thai

It was time for lunch after a class... my friends and I were starving, we were quite bored to eat in our canteen so we decided to try the new Thai restaurant in Benton Junction. The place is quite an eye-catching, it's so cozy and I definitely love the interior but too bad we're not allowed to take picture there. Anyway, as soon as we sat, the waitress approached us and gave the menu as I looked through the menu, we decided to order these:

Yup, we ordered Tom Yum Soup, Green Curry and Tamarind Chicken. As usual, we shared our food and mine was the Green Curry, for this menu I'd ranked it 7/10. Although, it looks pale but the taste was really strong but too bad, I only could find a few pieces of chicken meat, too little. And for the Tom Yum Soup it was okay, just like ordinary Tom Yum it's sour but nothing really stood out. Moreover, for the Tamarind Chicken I wouldn't recommend this menu as it was really disappointing. Too little chicken meat and too much toppings (as you can see from the pic). As for the sauce, it was more like asam manis sauce... this is very ordinary and among all I'd say I love the Green Curry  most :)

Price: 20K - 45K
Benton Juction, Unit 15
Jl. Boulevard Palem Raya No. 38, Lippo Karawaci
(021) 6888-8424

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