Saturday, December 17, 2011

Akane: Tokyo Cuisine

This was my second time to dine here in Akane: Tokyo Cuisine and it is located in Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ground Floor, just right beside the entrance of the main lobby.
The first time I ate here was with my bosses during our lunch time. As I went there with my bosses so I couldn't take pics of the food 'till yesterday then I could take the pics :p
I ordered a menu set on my first visit..which includes a bowl of rice, soup and 3 main dishes. This menu set is unique because there are more than 5 variants of rice we can choose from.. (from ordinary rice till several types of fried rice), as for the soup there are several variants as well and it goes to the main dishes too.. for the main dishes there are almost 20 or more variants. At first I this menu set must be a lot, I wonder whether I could finish it up.. But the fact is that the 3 main dishes were served in quite considerable small portions. My main dishes were Grilled Mackerel, Beef Steak & Beansprout with beef (Sorry no pics). However, among all of it, I love the beef steak most, the meat was so juicy, tender and it's perfectly seasoned. In my opinion, Akane serves very authentic Japanese food so yesterday I suggested my friends to have dinner in Akane, I wanna let them try the food there.

When we entered the place, all the tables were fully occupied.. lucky enough there was a group of people just about to leave, so we immediately take over their table. When we sat, we really felt like we are eating in Japan because almost all of the guests there were Japanese hahaha.. Well, as soos as we sat, the waitress gave us the menu and we ordered these:
Hamburg 300g

Grilled Shitake

Grilled Squid

Oolong Tea, Blueberry Hai, Sake
Mango Milk Pudding
The Hamburg was really tempting right..?? Yes, it was as tempting as it looked when it was served on our table. The sauce made it even more perfect, the sauce more to sweet taste and the hamburg itself very well seasoned, not too salty.. just perfect especially when you eat it with a hot bowl of rice. Then, for the sashimi, they had a really fresh and good quality of Sashimi, definitely tasted yummy. Moreover, the grilled Shitake was very chewy but almost tasteless.. so it needs to be dipped into the soy sauce, for this I could say nothing really stood out. As for the grilled squid, although the taste was really soft but it was perfectly grilled, it wasn't hard to chew and it's cooked. Just simply dipped it to the mayonnaise and it became more tasty :)
For the drinks, I love the blueberry hai, it's so fresh and light.. and for the Oolong Tea hmm.. for me that's too bitter..*eww..* but my friends love it...that's weird.. hahahaha.. O..yeah.. we also ordered Sake.. well I could say that I love Soju more than this Soju is less bitter.. :p
Overall, I  would love to come back to Akane again to try their other menus, I definitely still wanna try their Gyoza, Ramen and many more.. hahaha 
Oh.. I almost forgot, Akane gave us Mango Milk Pudding as the complimentary.. It's so yummy and I'm craving for more.. too bad they gave us only a very small portion of it :(

Price: 23K-198K
Address: Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ground Floor 
              Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav. 2-3, 12930


  1. Too bad on the grilled shitake. Don't judge a food from its charming look i suppose.

  2. yup.. I agreed! hahaha btw, salam kenal yaa :D